Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

Just wanted to pop in to wish all my Blog world friends  

 a very 

Merry Christmas

and a wonderful 

new year

hope your hands are working  on something that you love



Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A very Norwegian Christmas

Okay there is no snow in the Hunter Valley.....
...... might as well be as it  is cold and miserable

but inside my place the festive season has taken hold  and the house feels warm and inviting
i have hung and placed all the projects i have made for Christmas over the years
there is now 3 quilts, 4 stockings ( i need to make one for Cooper)
a banner, Christmas tree skirt and countless ornaments

this year however my tree has a distinct Norwegian feeling

the beautiful balls made just for me by 

These gorgeous mittens were made by my wonderful friend

i might need to learn how to knit some little Norwegian stockings to make up the set

here's hoping that the silly season
has got you running around like a mad chook

and you have time to sit and stitch

hope your hands are working on something that you love


Thursday, December 1, 2011

Santa's sleigh has visited

Santa's sleigh stopped by yesterday
and delivered this parcel from Paris

it was really exciting, and i am rally glad that i got to open one of my parcels
otherwise the suspense would have been murder

my ornaments are 
Two gorgeous little Norwegian knitted Christmas baubles

i am so thrilled, one of my closest friends in Australia is Norwegian and over the last few years
she has knitted me several little Norwegian stockings and
now i have two baubles too...
my tree will have a very Norwegian theme this year

they are so gorgeous and so much work thank you so much

i hope you and your family have a wonderful
and that Santa's sleigh is flying towards Paris with a gift for you soon

"hope your hands are working on something that you love"



Monday, November 28, 2011

gosh it's been a hectic fortnight

Wow how the time flies by, i can't believe how long it's been since 
i have had time to sit down
and write on my blog, for that fact to read your's

so i have a quick catch up for you, grab a cuppa this may take a while

before we sailed out Gadget and i had a few days in Sydney
being the snap happy photographer i am, I had a ball in Sydney

. . . Sydney has got the festive spirit  . . . 

this pub was just up the road from where we were staying, it was incredibly busy
 EVERY day of the week

(oh yeh it was called the Three Monkeys)

we found this amazing hotel, it is Sydney's oldest licensed pub
and the longest running brewery in Sydney

now don't think we spent all our time drinking we also did all the touristy things

we headed out onto the harbour
it was an amazing day for photo's and Gadget laughed at me as i frantically snapped away

on my previous post i mentioned we sailed out on the friday morning for a three day cruise
with our Coite friends 

well the cruise was amazing, 

i would love to say it was relaxing, but we stayed up laughing and chatting 
and drinking some yummy cocktails 
most nights and we were up early with things to do most days
 so i was pretty tired in the end

 we sailed back into Sydney in the wee early hours, so we got to
see the sun break over Sydney .....

it was amazing these are just a few of the hundreds of shots i took

unfortunately once we were back home we discovered that a great sadness was about to fall upon us
as we had to say farewell to gadget's gorgeous Nonna

so as you can see it has been a bit of a whirlwind fortnight

have i been sewing ...... yes but shhhh it's a secret

i posted my first ever SSCS last friday
and i have a feeling that the mailbox is going to be my favourite hang out in the weeks to come

and today i posted these gorgeous fabrics to Victoria 
 for a fun rainbow charm swap

well i guess that pretty much catches you all up

back soon with some sewing to show you

hope your hands are working on something that you love



Friday, November 18, 2011

About to set sail

We are about to head off for a mini break, with the Coite gang, this time we have left the 4wd s and camping gear behind, we are sailing out on the pacific sun

Usually we all go out for abchristmas dinner together, but decided to do something different this year.

Not sure where we will be able to put the campfire

So many photo's to show u when we get back


Hope your hands are working on something that you love


Sunday, November 6, 2011

English paper peicing

a while back i posted about my very exciting delivery from Kerry at cottage on the hill
at that time they were just papers and material
now i can show you a little bit of what i have 
been up to

i had all these pieces cut and glued ready to take to 
New Zealand
thinking that when i had time i would work on them

i really did nt get much of an opportunity

i was far too busy socialising

but since returning home i have managed to get these all put together
(may have had something to do with all the time i have spent catching up on my TV shows)

anyway it is lovely to finally have some sewing to show you all
(all the secret stitching makes it difficult 
for sharing)

i might be a bit slow reading all my favourite blogs for the next few days
as i am about to start the dreaded night duty

but will try to keep up

hope your all working on something you love
(or on something that someone else is going to love)


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

New Zealand

Last week on a cold wet rainy Australian day i boarded a plane
bound for New Zealand for a work conference
i was accompanied by six of my work collegues

i spent most of the five days we were in New Zealand inside their beautiful Aotea Centre
listening to speakers from all over the world, 
i was fortunate however to have the opportunity to see 
a little of Auckland and Devonport

This is the view of Auckland looking back from Devonport

The beautiful Waitemata Harbour

hope you have all been happy and healthy whilst i have been away

hope your hands are working on something that you love


Monday, October 24, 2011

tah dah . . . . . all finished thanks to my Friday night sew in

My Tis the season stitch a long quilt
all finished

i snuggled up on my lounge, my dear hubby popped the rugby on the television
and i stitched and stitched until my little fingers were all sore and crampy
(not really)

Tis the season with Newcastle beach in the background

on the safety rail with the ocean off the coast of Newcastle in the 

i am so thrilled with it now and feel such a 
sense of achievement
my first quilt sew in  conjunction with 
all my new blogger friends

and only 24 days late . . . 

hope your hands are working on something that you love


Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday Stitch in

I have been planning on Joining in on this little activity for ages, and tonight have finally got organised. Friday and thursdays always seem to be a stitching night for me, so really this just makes it nicer knowing that there are 151 of us all stitching together, from all over the world......

 . . . and tonight i am number 151 . . . .

hope your hands are working on something that you love


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

a quilting lesson

Now if you have connected with my blog in the hope of learning stuff
your in the right place but it may not be what your think you are going to learn

a couple of weeks ago i put my TTS quilt together 
i was kind of rushing i had the deadline and lot's was happening on the home front so i rushed a bit

anyway i layed it out and pined it
as i was pin ning it i had in my mind 
how i was going to quilt it
so i pinned it accordingly
unfortunately i under pinned it and about three quaters through the quilting 
of the inside blocks i hit disaster....
the backing fabric had gone squew wiff
it was puckered and messy, so whats a gal to do......
find a comfy position out in the sun and unpick
(sadly as a not very good blogger i didn't 
take a photo of the mess,  i wasn't planning 
on telling all of you how much of a bodge i am)

anyway the quilt was layed out on the floor re.taped and this time i hand tacked it 
two reasons
1. i had a design for the borders that required me to use iron on tear is easier to iron on when there are no pins

2. that sucker of a backing fabric was not moving one inch, if i had anything to do with it
(and it didn't)
unfortunately i hadn't done machine quilting for ages and my experience is not great
so i forgot to release the pressure on the foot

can you see how the fabric pulls slightly one way, then goes the other
Lesson 1..when you are using a walking foot reduce the pressure on your foot
the tension could have been a little tighter too,

 now for the dreaded and scary free motion quilting

it's a little wonky but hey it has character

a close up of the free motion

lesson 2..  when free motion quilting tighten up the tension
Lesson 3.. see the little knots well the lady at my local machine shop was telling me that
when you are free motion quilting your feet should be tango ing whilst your hands are waltzing
i am not sure what my hands were doing....i think they were dancing on the inside

conclusion i am thinking that i need some lessons in machine quilting
now i am making this quilt sound like it is a disaster, 
really it's not, from a meter away you can't notice any of the faults 
and on the front she looks really very good

so i guess know there is a decision in order

the perfectionist in me says unpick it and do it again

the student in me says leave it , it is a lesson
to remember before starting quilting 
get the little book out that you dutifully wrote notes in (about two years ago)
and read over the notes then you will remember about the pressure foot, and the tension

the tangoing and the waltzing will come with some practice

who would you listen to

the perfectionist 
the student?


Monday, October 10, 2011

Whats in a name?

Lots of my bloggy friends have been telling  their story of how they got their name
this was all started by a curious little blogger called
so i thought  i should tell my story as well

so i was a lurker just like Cardygirl, there were several blogs that i particularly liked to lurk at, Leanne Beasley's, Cinderberry stitches and  one of my particular favourites was 
 actually it was on Chooky's site that i first heard about 
i also really loved visiting a blog called 

so at my second trip to nundle for GDITC i found myself sharing a table with
we were all chatting away when i leaned over and said to
Kerry who's Chookyblue ?.... she laughed and pointed out Chooky
just like Cardy girl i was like a teenager who just discovered that her pop gods were in front of her 
(for me it was Duran Duran....aghhh i am showing my age)
 Kerry introduced  us
and Chooky spent the remainder of the weekend convincing me i should start a 
blog, i have to admit i had already been thinking about it

So the name.....well i always seem to have 
too  many things going on
too many hats to wear
too many eggs in my basket

Hope your hands are working on something that you love