Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Free Motion Quilting

i finally have had time to sit down and practice my 
free motion quilting 
what with being on holidays, both from work and
my sewing machine
which was a little hard considering i was reading, every article,
 book and blog post i could find, 
thank goodness for my iPhone and gadgets iPad

so i started off with Leah Day's
FMQ projects

so this is week one "Let's wiggle"

this was fun and i seemed to cope pretty well

(sorry the photo's are a bit dark , 
the weather is not playing fair)

this one required a little more thought...and slowed me down

I had a bit of trouble with travelling too far and being forced to stop, 
this time it ended up at the at the top of
the first one and ended up resulting in a bit of a sharp corner,
then i had a bit of a problem with speed and stitch length

this one was fun

my top loops were a little wonky, i think i need to retry this one

my lobster claws were pretty good

this is were i really lost it, i found it hard just randomly 
throwing the different designs

okay so what i have learn't so far

i have to learn to stop, more frequently, i keep trying to push that little bit further
and it often resulted in my loops being mis - sharpened 

i also need to work on my speed - movement 
most of my stitches were pretty even which i was really happy with

but it is definitely something that can be improved

either way i think i am well on my way

stayed tune for the next instalment

hope your hands are working on something that you love