Saturday, August 25, 2012

nearly there

well as you all know i have been working on my quilt Durlindana for just over a year now and well she is nearly finished

as you also know i had some problems with the bias edges stretching
but this is the top
(before i started quilting)

this is how i quilted the blocks

this is how i quilted the borders
( i am showing you the back because it is easier to see)
i did a little free motion quilting
it's not perfect but it is pretty good and looks great on the back
sadly you can barely see it on the front

this is the design Miss S created for me for the corners

and this is where i am up to

i really like binding it is that sense that it is nearly complete

i probably have just over one side to go

would like to get it finished before Tassie but with under two weeks left and lot's of things to get organised. . . . . . . . . i may be pushing it

but hey you will all be proud of me i have my sewing stuff organised

hope your hands are working on something that you love


Googy girl

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

secret sewing

 a few months back i showed you a tiny hint of some secret sewing i had done  . . . . .so now it's time for the big reveal

so just to torment you . . . . the teaser as i showed you before

the story of this secret sewing goes back to January this year, when i was holidaying in Fingal Bay
and had lot's of time to surf the net i came across this lovely swap by Cheryl of willowberry designs
the swap was called 

It's a little bit French

each Month the fabulous Cheryl released a pattern with the a french touch

as part of the french swappers we were to select one project make it and send the project off to our swap partner before the end of the first week in July

the projects included, lavender bags, pincushions, a jewellery roll, a laundry bag and of course the gorgeous thimble pip and scissor case that i chose

the thimble pip and scissor case, lovingly stitched with Cheryl's lavender design

in keeping with the french theme i had Miss S sketch me up a card to send with the project

So my project was posted off in the first few days of July
and i have received an email from 

who appears to be thrilled with her swap prize

sadly i had hoped to post here pictures of my swap pieces
but they have as yet not arrived . . . . 

i no longer watch excitedly for the post man
i m not sure whether they were lost in the post or never been sent

and i must say i feel a little sad 
have you ever had a bad experience with a swap?

 i guess on the bright side
i have now got six fabulous project patterns that i can use to create fabulous 
French inspired

hope your your hands are working on a project that you love


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

the cupboard that filled a little red car

as most of you know
a few weekends ago i spent a great weekend with
Kerry and some fabulous friends
at a quilting retreat at
at Nundle

as i said in my previous post i had a great weekend
but to top it off and make it just that little bit better
i made a rather large purchase

it all started with a discussion about antique furniture and 
Kerry mentioned there was a guy in Nundle who renovated old furniture
and that his specialty was meat safes
as i have wanted a old meat safe (purely for decoration) for about twenty years

i was intrigued so Kerry promised to take a few of us down  to his workshop for a look

so on Sunday afternoon after we had finished up we headed on down to

Ratters Flat antiques

Kevin creates the most beautiful things out of old bit's and pieces that he gathers

these gorgeous bird houses have real stained glass in the steeple and windows
they were just gorgeous and any bird would be lucky to call this home

this cupboard really took my fancy, but it was much to big for were i wanted to put it and i couldn't think of anywhere i could fit it. . . . . .

i reluctantly walked away . . . . . . it was stunning

this cupboard had already found a home, is was really cute, and Kevin even used old cotton reels for the handles

Kevins place is well worth a visit, just to see all the beautiful things he has created from the bits and pieces he has gathered, his yard is amazing 

but i can guarantee you will want to take something home

so what did i bring home?

this is my new pride and joy

Kevin has great attention to detail

these are crappy photos but they show how my meat safe just fitted in my little red
corolla (that it the front passenger seat, leaning forward)

all i can say is, she may be a little car but like the Tardis there is a lot of room in there

this is my cupboard all filled with my beautiful quilts and my favourite 1940's china 

i am really thrilled with it 
and it just fits in perfectly  

so if you are up Nundle way make sure you drop into 

Ratters flat's antiques
 on the banks of the Peel river

hope your hands are working on a project that you love