Thursday, May 30, 2013

Road trip to the chookshed

Last week I had two special friends come over for a sleepover, they had heard all about the nest ( my new sewing room) and felt that since they were pretty knowledgable about both nests and sewing they would pop over to check it out.

They happily jumped up on the chair and helped out with some sewing

Peg and Dale were the very first guest to sleep over in the nest

We talked about my road trip to Chookyblues and since Peg and Dale knew I was finishing night duty the morning I was heading off they felt that I needed some company for the trip, they jumped up and rode shot gun with me, they were great travel companions they never complained once about my singing or my music. Peg even helped me out by sharing my popcorn, it definetly helped my waist line.

We arrived at our destination just as the sun was going down, and let me tell you the views were spectacular, I could have stopped a dozen times to take photo's

We received a big warm welcome to the chookshed

And we stocked the fridge ready for the weekend

Over the weekend we had a glass of bubbles or two

The lovely Jules dropped in on both days to do some stitching with us, and even brought us some super yummy date scones.

When I arrived my winding ways quilt was in many pieces, as it had been for about 18 months , I had to finish a few blocks, And then we were able toput the design wall to use and played with block placement, it was a definite collaborative job with Chooky, Jules and I all working together to get it just right.

Chooky even did the cutting of the borders for me

By the end of the weekend, my winding ways was completed and I am absolutely thrilled with it . . . . .
Check out the spunky pink slippers

Chooky and I decided that we should have a bit of a play so we pulled out her 60 degree ruler and a tub of fabric and together we worked creating what we dubbed 60 degrees of fun

The pieces came together quickly, and even though some stitching was done after the bubbles, in no time at all

We had all the blocks how we wanted them, by the time I left on Monday morning we had four rows joined and Chooky looked pretty keen to keep going. As you can see the girls were supervising us and our work.

My winding ways quilt was not my only completed project on the weekend, Chooky encouraged me to use starters and finishers , and in this case I used my June nine patch blocks and in no time . . . . Tah dah finished nine patch blocks

Driving home I took the opportunity to stop and take some photos, these sheep were not real keen to move off their road . . . . . And I didn't mind they made a great photo.

And since the other photo did nt really show my blocks, here is another shot so everyone can see my lovely chookyblue inspired nine patch blocks.

We had a fabulous time, it was wonderful spending time with such an inspiring friend and her absolutely lovely family.

"I hope your hands are working on a project that you love"


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

May nine patch blocks

These area my May Nine patch blocks
I thought I would stick with theme and go purple as so many others seemed to have and I say why not......

Purple IS my favourite colour.....

These are my fabrics...
I actually bought these two a few months ago, I just loved the combination

Cut ready to go..I love this part

And tah dah the completed blocks and their mini friend....

You know I was thinking these are my only quilt type projects I have worked on for a while, there has been clothes making a book cover, a needle case, pants Heming, but not a lot of quilting happening.....there has even been alot of baking going on but no quilt making.........not since the charity quilt......hmmm

Have to do something about that.......

Hope your hands are working on a project that you love


Friday, May 17, 2013

A new project

A few weeks ago I received a parcel from China

You see I have discovered Etsy ,
and Ohhh how that was a
very bad discovery . . . . . Lol

Anyway if you have a look around you can get lot's of lovely things, including fabric
I seen some Tilda fabric on there

So this is what travelled to my house all the way from China

This really lovely fabric is a
traditional Asanoha floral Japanese kimono crepe cotton fabric

It arrived beautifully bundled up

It has a really lovely soft sheen

So by now you are probably thinking what's her plan with this fabric

Well I am going to make this gorgeous top

By sew liberated

I purchased the pattern a couple of months ago
and have been searching for the perfect fabric ever since
With all the painting and sewing room setting up ( still not finished)
Tonight I have finally found the time to play with my fabric and pattern

So here it is fabric layed out pattern pinned on and pretty much all cut out and I 'm off to my woman's cave to start stitching . . . . .

Hope your hands are working on a project that you love


Monday, May 13, 2013

Oh what a wonderful Mother's Day

I had a fabulous Mother's Day

I awoke to discover

These beautiful flowers, along with two blocks of my favourite dark chocolate

Sitting on my kitchen bench,

they were a gift from Mister T ( Miss S's boyfriend)

Don't you love the way the light is streaming in through the windows making the flowers glow

Soon gadget and Miss S were up, I think they were more excited than me. They impatiently watched me make my cup of tea and I soon had two beautifully wrapped pressies placed in my hands.

Gadget instructed me which to open first and tah dah

An iPad mini

It is so cute

This is it in it's case

This is my mini ready to make it's first blog post

My mum came down and bought me some more gorgeous flowers

Mothers days flowers grown in her own garden, I just love mothers days flowers.....these have found a home in my jug from Nundle in my sewing room

We then travelled in to The Grind cafe, in Darby st, Newcastle to have breakfast, sadly Miss M and Just M ( miss m's partner) couldn't join us as they both had to work. Although Just M was only metres away cooking in the kitchen.

After breakfast we headed home and I spent some nice quality time with my mum

For lunch we joined some of our friends (Mister M's parents) for a picnic over looking the gorgeous Lake Macquarie.

In the evening Miss M and Just M arrived bearing yet more gifts.

Miss M had hand made these gorgeous t bags from my favourite T2 , if you look closely you can see the beautiful little stitches she made.....

They also gave me this beautiful box of DVD s

Audrey Hepburn is one of my favourite actresses and now
I have hours and hours of movies to watch. . . . .

I had a wonderful Mother's Day

And I hope all my wonderful friends had a fabulous Mother's Day too

" I hope your hands are working on a project that you love"


Posted from my new iPad mini.....:-)

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Sewing room update

Well the drop sheets are packed away, the brushes all cleaned and the painting is done . . . .

The curtains are up and the sewing cabinet and Victoria ( my machine) have moved in

Victoria and her cupboard are now established in their new home. The bed is made with fresh sheets and is ready for visitors.... I wonder who will be it s first guest?

And I have a nice sunny spot to sit and sew

I have this lovely tallboy to fill with fabric and patterns . . . .
There is also a cupboard to hide all my PHD s in

It s all still a little messy and it will probably be weeks before everything finds a place and is organised.... But I am in heaven.... I visit my room several times a day and just enjoy my space

Not a lot of sewing happening , but it will come

"Hope your hands are working on a project that you love"


Sunday, May 5, 2013

Dyeing with Cheryll

Yesterday Cheryll and I met up at Thorpe and coin Newcastle to attend a dyeing workshop with
Tracey McNicoll

We had an absolute ball.... Like two giggling school girls

We started with this white piece of fabric which we had to rip into four pieces.....

Then we choose our colours carefully adding a bit of this colour and a bit of that colour and then we popped our fabric into the yogurt containers.....,

Cheryll squishing and wishing

then we had a bit of show and tell whilst our fabrics got coloured.......

Tracey made this amazing quilt and many others from her hand dyed fabrics

Even the back was hand dyed and patterned using stamps

Not much is safe in Tracey's house from the sound of it,she loves dyeing all sorts of things, i love her hand dyed threads.....

After rinsing our fabrics we lunched whilst they dried.....

and then tahhh dahhh

Cheryll and I decided early in the day we would split our fabrics 50/50

So this is the bunch of scruminess we ended up with....

Then we got to play with the stamps.... Not many photos here I was much too busy stamping......
And much too messy for handling a camera (phone)

Then it was time to get Victoria out and it was all systems sew......

I did nt finish my book cover

This is what our books Should look like.....

It was a fabulous day, I had so much fun, Cheryll and I had a total ball

I hope your hands are working on a project that you love