Sunday, July 27, 2014

Churn dash , Madeleine's and a lovely birthday

For the last few weeks things have been a little topsy turvey in the Googy household. I have had some temporary changes in my work, I am currently doing relief work in two very different areas. Over the past few weeks I have worked in any of the three areas i am employed in any 7 day period. This has caused a little kaos, I thought the shift work was a bit chaotic but this has been insane.  there is nothing like receiving a text from either gadget or one of the girls asking me where i am working today and what time will i be home.   The change has seen me working mainly Monday to Friday nine to five ( with a couple of night duties thrown in) and I must say I thought this would be really good as I could get a bit of a routine happening but I did nt realise just how much I manage to achieve (especially in the sewing room) on those mid week days off or the five or so hours in the morning before an afternoon shift.

I ve continued to keep plugging away at my churn dash blocks for the churn dash swap with the Novocastrian quilters. I have now started making individual ones as well, I need to make another twenty to make the a quilt I have planned. I have also been doing some machine quilting with Victoria so she is set up for quilting and Bonnie has been working away at my piecing. I have to confess though that coming home at dark and the cold winter nights and the super cosy fire has really slowed my machine work down as i have discovered that the nest is really not that cosy . . .  on a cold winter night.

amidst all this chaos I celebrated my birthday and one of the gifts my clever family gave me was a new cook book. I love cook books. I watched Rachel Khoo recently on foxtel and just loved her simplified versions of traditional french fare. This has got me all inspired and since the kitchen is close to the lounge room and the nice cosy fire, I ve been baking . . . .

My first go at Madeleine 's, gorgeous little shell shaped sponge cakes, these totally disappeared within 24 hours . . . So I am pretty sure they were a hit.
and i will be baking them again, very soon

These were the lovely fabrics my gorgeous secret sewing sisters sent me for my birthday , some beautiful deep reds, some gorgeous oranges and lots of shirtings to help me make lots of gorgeous little churn dash blocks. The greens were a special gift given to me as an early birthday present to go with all the lovely fabrics I purchased at the Margaret Sampson George workshop and they have already been put to good use.

All up it's been a busy few weeks since I last blogged, but hopefully now I am getting into a routine and will get back to getting my projects and my blog on track.

"I hope your hands are working on a project that you love"


Googy girl