Sunday, March 27, 2016

Lucy Blue

When I was at Nundle last weekend, I picked up my latest Lucy Boston block from Shiralee Stitches.

As those of you whom follow my blog would know I have been slowly working away on this quilt for over 12 months. I have been happily just plodding along waiting for Sandy's blocks to arrive and making them up as they arrive. However a few weeks ago with a little prompting from Sandy and Chookyblue I got a little serious and decided I needed to choose my main background. I decided I wanted to be a little different and not go with the traditional cream background.

I discussed with Sandy the option of using a French General blue. Sandy very kindly sent me a picture of the blocks on the blue and I was smitten. . . . .

The latest block with the blue addition, I m pretty happy . . . .

So for several nights I glued and glued and glued. The majority of the elongated hexagons went into little bags ready for their trip to Europe, these are the rest of what I've prepared. Ready to join my already completed blocks.

My first completed ( well almost) block with my French General Le Marais fabric

The second block is well under way . . . I m thrilled with my French Blue fabric and am looking forward to seeing my "Lucy Blue" quilt evolve. Although I think it will be many months before she is all together. I am definitely enjoying the Lucy journey.  I have recently created three of my own blocks which you will hopefully see during my Posts from Europe.

Only 6 days to go 

Au Revoir  / Ciao

Googy Girl

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Girls day in the Country 2016

It seems only yesterday since I was last at Nundle for GDITC
Today I joined all my lovely friends from blog land for a day of laughter, stitching, tea and lovely food

This years Guest tutorer was Anni Downs, from Hatched and Patched 

We were greated with hot pink bags full of scrumptious  goodness

And bowls of Jelly Beans and table centres made with Anni s most recent fabric range, which were later raffled to raise money for Kerry's favourite charity.

Today's main project was a gorgeous project roll, 

And a scrumptious needle / accessory book
I can't wait to get into these projects , but with just 13 days until we fly away 
I think this maybe a winter project.

I had a wonderful day and had a lot of fun shopping in Nundle 

Until next time


Googy Girl

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Counting down

for the past two years quietly (ok so sometimes not so quietly) Gadget and i have been slowly piecing together the holiday we have dreamed of for as long as we have know each other.

Visiting Paris has been my dream for as long as i can remember 
and seeing Italy has been Gadgets

so this is it 2016 is the year the 

Googy's have their European vacation

our reading,
 and this is just the hard copy books, you should see the pile of Ebooks 
on our iPads . . . . .


my bed side reading
and if you look at my side bar you will see my current read is called Paris . . . 

do you think i m obsessed ?

so with just 30 days to go

consider this fair warning

in just 1 months time you will be bombarded with

posts direct from

France, Italy and a little of Turkey

Au Revoir


Googy Girl