Thursday, July 28, 2016

A life a little less exciting , but simply wonderful

wow it's taken me a while to sit down and write this post, and i have a myriad of excuses but to be honest i was feeling like . . . . well my life was a little less exciting after returning from Europe. no fabulous galleries visited, no ancient Archeological sites, no fabulous restaurants and bars or towns / cities filled with centuries of history.

returning home was wonderful, being with my family, my gorgeous friends and cuddling my adorable  dog Cooper.  i have even managed to celebrate a wonderful birthday. 

Initially i felt a little all over the place, trying to get back into familiar routines. this even followed through with my crafting doing little bits and pieces of everything

i spent a few hours working on my Hermence cross-stitch , by far not enough to meet my September deadline, but i ve decided deadline - smeadline i m enjoying working on this project and didn't want it to to become a chore due to a deadline, It's a lovely sampler and will fill some lovely cold winter afternoons and nights for a while to come . . . .  .

i even managed to squeeze in some work on my MSG quilt, no photo's as yet because i want to wait until my next workshop with Marg.

i started a new pair of socks for Miss M, knitting has always been my go to project when i am feeling tired and lack a great deal of concentrating ability and these socks were a blessing. i happily knitted  and caught up with my favourite television shows. don't you just love Jamie in Outlander

I used the magic sock method and knitted two at once (i taught myself this technique whilst in Europe)

I posted pictures of my progress on my Instagram page and just loved the comment by my gorgeous friend Fatquater bird that it looked like a bikini top for saggy Boobs . . .  . lol

this week the socks finally came off the needles and i loved knitting them. they are as i write this being blocked on my drying rack beside out lovely toasty fire.

I got my baking back on

and whipped up a batch of super delightful rosebud madeleines (recipe by Nigella Lawson) 
since i am watching my waistline i gifted most of them . . .  .

i also tried a shortbread recipe out and gifted most of them as well

and at last my super exciting news

i m doing a test knit for the delightful Truly Myrtle

(photo courtesy of truly Myrtle)

i discovered Truly Myrtle whilst lounging around in the airport Motel in Marseille. gadget was snoozing and i was knitting and  surfing instagram and someone mentioned listening to Truly Myrtle's podcast, i thought hmm that would be interesting to listen to. i downloaded a podcast and i was hooked, I ten started following Libby on her blog, Facebook and instagram and watched as she created the gorgeous hat above , which at this stage does nt  have a name as such but is referred to as the the chicken lady hat, it's a long story and you will need to read Libby's blog to understand.

anyway Libby asked for people to test her pattern i immediately private messaged her on Instagram and she very bravely accepted my offer and i am now officially a tester for Truly Myrtle

this is the super scrumptious wool i have chosen to knit the hat in and i decided since i am now a tester i would treat myself to a brand new set of knit pro interchangeable circular needles, a kind of belated birthday present to myself.

and finally i ve come to  realise that whilst i am leading a life a little less exciting it's none the less  pretty wonderful and definitely worth blogging about.

Au Revoir
Googy Girl