Winnetta's story

Winnetta is my antique sewing machine. 

Winnetta came into our household around 2001 – 2002, Gadget and i were shopping at Morpeth. We came across a quaint little antique shop, at the very back of the shop hidden beneath many bibs and bobs were two treadle sewing machines, Winnetta was the most expensive of the two and instantly captured my heart, we talked about the machine with the owner of the shop, she claimed the machine was in good working order, she also identified that it had only just arrived and she had yet to get it serviced, she then offered a $50 drop in price due to it’s need for a service. We smiled sweetly and said we would think about it and headed off for coffee, i felt that was the last i would see the machine. After about 15mins Gadget, said so . . . . . do you want the machine?

I replied with something similar to is the Pope catholic?

So with my feet dancing we wandered back, the shop owner was happily surprised, Gadget was reserved and ask that she bring the machine out so we could see if it worked, she re arranged the shop and brought her out, she did indeed seem to work, but would need a new belt, gadget inspected the machine (as if he knew what to look for) the shop owner then identified that she believed the machine had it’s shuttle when it was purchased, she know however was unable to find it, she dropped the price a further $50, the deal was set and my father in law was sent up with a trailer to bring her home.

When i was cleaning up the machine i discovered in the cabinet, where the machine folded down into, not only the shuttle but also the original instruction manual. Unfortunately the manual had no cover so other than that she was American i had no idea of her heritage.

Winnetta sews beautifuly and the hum of the treadle is magic, one day in the near future it is my plan to make a quilt top excusively using Winnetta

To be continued




Farm Girl said…
What a lovely story, Winnetta is a treasure for sure.
Linda said…
Winnetta is lovely...and that cabinet...wonderful!
jfoster8 said…
You certainly bought a beautiful treadle...I now have a "few" but not in as good a condition as yours..with the aim to put them to use.. my other half DOES NOT get the obsession...they are beautiful bits of furniture as well...but yes.. I would like to make a quilt on one of mine as well.
oh, you are lucky.....what a beauty she is....can't wait to see THE quilt......I want Winnetta's
Lyn said…
That is a lovely treadle- a real treasure and in great condition- just think of all the ones that have not met with such a happy ending over the years...
winnetta is beautiful..........enjoy sewing on her...........
Tim Owen said…
I just bought my wife the same machine as you have. Is it at all possible to get a copy of your manual please. I would pay for it ofcourse. If so please email me on
Very very much appreciated

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