I'm Back.... and so is my sewing Mojo

well we have been back for a while really, about 3 weeks almost. Things have been flat out as usual in our house and getting to sit down at the computer has been a challenge and also i have been working flat out trying to get some very special secret sewing done

but this is what i can show you

after seeing a quilt made from these 1" pointed thimbles, i just had to have a go, not sure of the final project this will be probably a pillow.... 
these were put together whilst we driving around Tasmania
and i am so excited because i can actually sew the thimbles together whilst gadget is driving the car...
so i can see EPP is going to be something that will always be in the car for road trips

Anni Downs "sing bag", from her "the simple life" book...
i purchased the kit in Sydney in June

just need to get the lining done

some new fabric , to make some bright summer skirts

and here is some photo's of Peg & Dale that i didn't manage to get up whilst i was in Tasmania 

catching up with the locals in Mole Creek Tasmania

Hanging out in their favourite place, a patchwork shop

this is the absolutely fabulous, The Quilted Crow

it was just such a gorgeous shop filled with gorgeous fabrics....

the shop is in this gorgeous sandstone church

with it's equally stunning stain glass windows, it was the only patchwork shop i managed to visit in Tasmania

and the lovely

Leonie and Deidre made the three of us so welcome

Peg and Dale are still hanging out with us here in the beautiful

Hunter Valley

i m sure we will have some more photo's next time

i hope your hands are working on something that you love


The googy girl


Anita said…
Glad to see you back - looks like you had a great trip!!
Susan said…
Lovely EPP and bag. Looks like a gorgeous shop.
Such a great looking shop. Love the stained glass windows it is so lovely.
Deb R said…
Ohhh I love your stitching...they look like a great shape to play with!!!
Quilted Crows shop looks divine.
Nicky said…
There are some lovely projects taking shape at your house. Peg and Dale looked like they had a great time too!
busy busy..........so glad you had a gera time in Tassie........would love to get to the quilted crow........
Lovely projects in progress and a great post.
Cheryll said…
Funny post... enjoyed it!
Jenny said…
Glad you have your stitching mojo back ,can you send some to me???....the Quilted Crow looks great. They have obviously moved since I was there a few years ago. What a lovely location they have now.

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