making, baking and celebrating

I ve been pretty busy, as usual filling every spare moment i can trying to 
achieve all the things i want to do
as you all know i love mucking around in the kitchen as much as i love
sitting at my sewing machine.

well a few months ago Gadget decided he would have a go at some gardening
inspired mainly by the constant frustration
of throwing away half used fresh herbs.

unfortunately our basil keeps going to seed, is this normal?
one of the most successful plants we had was the chilli's
they just thrived .....
so what do you do with a heap of chilli's?

. . . . i make chilli jam . . . .
this was truly so easy and it taste's just great.

then of course i love baking
this week i was inspired by the instagram feeds of
munching away on their crumble cakes so 
i googled myself up a recipe

and tahh dahh
Apple and pomegranate crumble cake
it was really lovely i only had a small bit 
as i am continuing on with my healthy eating and moving more regime
at least until i get to Nundle

it's amazing just how many parties and celebrations pop up when you are trying to stay off the junk food and alcohol
this year has been a pretty big year for us

Miss M turned 21 in late December
Miss S turned 18 last week

i managed to be pretty well behaved food wise at Miss S's party
although i did have a few wines . . .  but hey you have to live

i hear you say
have you been sewing?

Of Course
 a bit of fiddling on my MSG Quilt (really need to come up with a name for it)
but most of it has been mainly secret sewing so 
i can't show you ....... 
i ve made a little something for Nundle

and am working on a challenge project at the moment

i've had to do a bit of repair work on this as
Mr Eddie thought he would help grandma out by removing all the papers 
he did a great job and somehow amazingly didn't damage the fabric at all

i have also been into my WIP's 

and have finally done some finishing off

these socks were started sometime last year at Nundle

they are now finally all finished and ready to be gifted away
i have to say there is a lot of satisfaction in getting things finished off

so that's me caught up

"i hope your hands are working on a project that you love"


Googy Girl


jfoster8 said…
Busy, growing up too quick.Mr J is 17 this year and Miss b is 14.....
Susan said…
Children's birthdays come around far too quickly don't you think! 21 and 18 are nice ages though, reaping the rewards of all those years of parenting. Does your post mean you will get up bright and early and walk with me at Nundle?
Anonymous said…
Hi Trish you have been very busy,lovely work,well done xx
Janice said…
Boy! You've been busy. You make me tired just reading about it. It must be good looking back at what you've got done.
I freeze basil leaves when I have too much.............grab a handful and crush immediately from the well......
Jenny said…
I totally agree ..great to finish things.. they look great.
Fiona said…
I agree with noticing all the fun foods when trying to not eat too much sugar etc.... gosh it is all around us trying to sabotage!!! love the sound of that jam...
Dawnie said…
Oh yum that jam looks good

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