After the storm

Well as most of you probably already know the eastern coast of NSW was hit by an east coast low, which is basically a category 2 cyclone. Newcastle and the Hunter ( and many other areas as well) were hit pretty badly.  thousands of households in the hunter area have been with out power for many days. many were also with out water. Newcastle itself appears to have been mainly damaged by the high speed winds but further up in the Maitland area flooding has and is the major issue facing many households.

along the Newcastle foreshore huge old tree s were ripped out of the ground

signs were either blown over or badly damaged, the rough seas caused damage to the ocean roads and walkways. at one point the ocean baths at newcastle were barely recognisable they were just covered by the seas

Civic park lost many of it's beautiful trees.
cars were crushed and some houses roofs and some were crushed beneath huge trees. 

Fortunately Gadget and i were safe in our little home, which has now sheltered us very safely through two major storms (the June 2007 storm). we were amongst the fortunate few in who did not loose power or water.

My Mum and Sister live just 40 mins from us on a few acres, they lost 15 trees, one coming down across the corner of my mums house another falling across the apartment my nephew and his fiancee share. The family spent many hours trying to stop water from entering the house's.
the flooding in the surrounding area prevented the family from travelling to and opening their family business for several days. But they are all safe and well. and fortunately the local SES were able to come in and clear some of the tress allowing them to move around safely.

(photo's courtesy of my Nephew)

It was a truely scary 48 hours, my babies were both away from home, but both fortunately were safe and warm. Fortunately i was on days off from work, so i did nt have to go out in the weather at all and used the opportunity to catch up on some sewing and knitting and spending time with Gadget and Mr Cooper.

After it was all over it was wonderful to see the sunlight streaming through the window once again

I hope everyone is safe and warm, my heartfelt condolences go out to those whom have lost family members.

i hope where ever you are you are surrounded by the love and warmth of your family


Googy girl


you are one lucky girl.........
jfoster8 said…
Good to here no damage at yours
Anonymous said…
So glad you and your family are safe Trish,it's so sad to see the damaged this storm has done xx
Susan said…
So glad to hear you and your family are all okay, despite the damage. X
barbara woods said…
Happy you'll are safe, tomorrow is bed storm day for us here in Ga.
Fiona said…
glad you are safe.... such a lot of damage...
I'm glad you are all safe and damaged items can be fixed, glad no-one got hurt xxx

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