My comfy cosy stripey crochet blanket

Finally last night i crochet the final row on my attic 24 cosy strip blanket.
it was a bit of a interesting moment, it was wonderful to have reached this point but also a bit of a sad moment as i have enjoyed many snuggly warm nights under my blanket and it's a little sad to think this journey is almost over.

today i grabbed the opportunity to curl up in the warm winter sun streaming through my lounge room window to tidy up the threads

just adore the colours they are just such happy happy colours

too long to hang on the line, it had to be folded over

. . . time to start crocheting the borders now . . . 

look what i found , peeping up in my garden
on this beautiful winter day

i hope you had a lovely winter day


Googy Girl

"Life is like a cup of tea, it s all in how you make it"


creations.1 said…
Love your 'Cosy' blanket - you have done a great job!
Janice said…
Love it. It looks so snuggly and warm. Perfect to brighten a bleak winter's day.
just perfect for this COLD weather............
Susan said…
Just beautiful, it even looks warm. The best projects make you feel like that at the end. Surely one of your girls "needs" a nice crochet blanket.
Anonymous said…
Hi Trish,I love your blanket and how cute is your little flower xx
Show and Tell said…
So beautiful Trish, I bet it is so warm and snuggly....What a great winter project for you xx

Cheryll said…
Your crochet rug is so snuggly looking. No wonder you didn't want it to be finished... but now you get to enjoy still a winner. Such a pretty flower peeping through. xox

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