Rain on princes street

as some of you might know I have become a bit of a yarnie, I am so addicted at the moment I find my self trolling through lots of different knitting and yarn sites. the inspiration is amazing, so many gorgeous yarns and projects out there.

My Christmas Eve cast on already to go, you might remember I posted about it here

2 weeks later and the first lace section was complete

on holidays at Stockton , early February  and it was progressing well.

then the bells of tragedy sounded 
I was fast running out of wool and I hadn't done enough repeats of the second lace. I suspect despite my testing my gauge several times,  I ended up choosing the wrong size needle and so the shawl is bigger than planned ( it's hard to measure when it is all scrunched up on the needle).

I was faced with a choice unpull all of the second lace pattern and a little of the first and then I would be able to get all of the second lace repeats or finish it

I decided that I would rather unpull ( or frog as they call it in the knitting world)  then spend the rest of this shawls days looking at it thinking it's not right. so within 20 mins it went back to looking like the above photo.

as of last night I am back ready to cast off again, and am much happier with it, here's to hoping that very small ball in the bottom of my knitting bag makes it to the end.  

I haven't abandoned my sewing altogether , as you will see in the follow up posts, need to do lot's of  catch up blog posts. . . . . 

Au Revoir

Googy Girl


Anonymous said…
Wow Trish it looks fantastic,i think you did the right thing by frogging as otherwise it would've bothered you,well done.
Hi, I just found your blog today. I have been enjoying reading your past posts.
I would like to ask where you took your leather lounge. Now you are going to ask why?
Don't laugh too much. I did the same thing...lol...and I live i Nelson Bay.
Hope to hear from you soon.
My e address is cozykoza32a@gmail.com

thanks Kathleen
Jenny said…
I am jealous of people who can knit and crochet. I am sure you are happier even though you had to undo your work. Take care

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