Coit shenanigans

so you probably all remember me telling you about my camping group the Coits if not this is  a quick recap 

the Coits are the group of people we go camping with every easter and if possible several times a year
but we also all catch up for various other activities, including the show firework BBQ,  christmas parties, birthday celebrations you name it . . . . .

now the Coits are a pretty crazy bunch and there is always some high-jinks and shenanigans going on and this is the latest tale

you all probably remember that last year Coke had a promotion where you purchased can's with your name on it well apparently you could pay to get you name put on a can so

hairy Coit and his wife decided he would get a Coit can made

they were pretty proud of the can but someone coveted their possession 

after a seemingly innocent visit when a new trailer was being viewed
the Coit can disappeared

several hours later a text message arrived 
Burning Coit (now known as Thieving Coit) had stolen/borrowed the can . . . .

 Hairy and his wife 
were devastated to lose their prize possession and made several pleas for it's safe return
to no avail 
so a plan was hatched

they travelled to thieving Coit's house and whilst Hairy distracted thieving Coit  his wife now known as kidnapping coit 
borrowed Thieving Coits prize possession

Lounging M & M

a return text message soon followed as they attempted to ransom their can

Thieving and sticky Coit were shocked and dismayed at the lose of lounging M & M

and posted a plea for his return

but to no avail, Hairy and kidnapping Coit would not be swayed unless their can was returned

they soon sent further images showing 

the fun and games (torture)  Lounging M & M was receiving

so in an act of desperation thieving Coit launched the crack team of 

M & M


to no avail 
(it was a very hot day and the M & M's were at risk of cracking their shells and melting)

Last Saturday several members of the Coit clan converged at hairy's including dusty (my hubby), not long after everyone had left Hairy discovered that lounging M & M had disappeared 
a frantic search occurred, 
but he was not found

suspicions were raised and the finger was soon pointed at Crusy Coit's wife
it was believed that she had taken the M & M with view of returning it to thieving Coit

enraged  kidnapping Coit took off to confront the accused 

she was bound and gagged, tortured  a little

(we think she actually enjoyed it)
but she refused to confess and pleaded innocence

it was later discovered that Lounging M & M was hidden away in Hairy and 
kidnapping Coits house

The M & M's became hostile and took some revenge

Hairy and kidnapping Coit's son was bound and gagged

and Lounging M & M made an attempted escape
gagging and binding 
hairy Coit

however he was unsuccessful and remains a captive

the can also is still in Thieving Coite's possession

will all be righted this year at the annual easter camp?
will the can return home?
will lounging M & M gain his freedom?

well you will have to stay tuned for further updates

catch you later



Allie said…
ROFL - this is hysterical - I can't wait to see what happens next! What a fun bunch you are!
Fiona said…
oh how funny....I can only imagine the texts and messages being sent bcak and forth.... next installment ...
Maree: said…
Tooo Funny Trish..will be waiting for the next Episode.
Happy Easter.
oh Trish have fun easter camping.........OMG what is to happen at easter.............LOL
Anita said…
Can't wait for the next instalment LOL
Cheryl said…
Second post the other one vanished!!! ROTFL....think this may be my all time favorite blog post!! Can't wait to hear what happens next.....

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