We left Barkley station and travelled to a place called McKinlay.  We spent the night in the van area behind the Walkabout Creek hotel. 

This hotel was used in the crocodile Dundee  movie. 

We had a few drinks on the front verandah enjoying the quiet , well between the road trains.  This was a nice little pub and the van area was pretty neat and tidy . 

We headed off early the next day arriving at Longreach for a late lunch.  

We went to Darcy’s Dinner and had the best hamburger and chips we have had for ages.  I really liked the town of longreach it was neat and tidy and everyone was really friendly.

We had a wander around the shops. 

The next morning we visited the stockmans hall of fame.  

The stockmans hall of fame was opened in 1988.  It consists of five halls with displays that highlight , stockman , aboriginal women and men who worked the land. The flying doctors service.  

It had a full size version of a plane , carriages and a early settlers hut .  It was really interesting.  It makes you so proud of the pioneers of this country of ours. 

We also had the opportunity to see the Stockmans Hall of fame stockman show

This was very entertaining and also pretty educational as well.

We also went to the evening show as well, which was pretty good as well.  The main character was Lachie Cosser, who serenaded us from the back of a horse, cow and wagon. 

We planned to head off fairly early this morning as we had a lot of miles to cover on the last run home . 

But Bridget had other ideas. After it was all packed up and hooked onto the car , we were just removing the things that level the van when I noticed this crack in the wall of the tyre. 

The tyre wasn’t flat , just this crack so we had to jack her up  and change the tyre. We then had to find the nearest tyre place , as we would need a spare.  

But we were back on the road just after 8:30 so not to much of a delay.

We travelled about 600kms today

To a small town called Mitchell in QLD. 

The Caravan park here is really cute and the owner obviously has a passion for creating . As there is all these cool little statue and figure throughout the Park.

And some pretty cool furniture as well.

We are now getting much closer to home with about 1000kms to go.

À Bientôt 



Janice said…
We enjoyed lunch at The Walkabout Hotel. It would have been a nice place to camp. We enjoyed Longreach as well. Quite a lot to see and do there. We didn’t go to the Hall of Fame this time, as we visited some years ago. You did well to spot the damaged tyre. Much better than having it give way while travelling along. Mitchell looks like a nice place too. Not somewhere we have been. Enjoy the last part of your trip.
so when is the next trip???

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