an Eggcellent weekend

Last weekend i was very lucky to be invited to join with a group of fabulous women to do a weekend retreat at cottage on the hill

in Nundle

kerry's fabulous shop

of course there was wine to share

and these little guys were the incitement to press our seams,
they waited for us at the ironing board

my strips grew quickly

there was a lot of concentration

and a little bit of hairdressing

a beautiful sunset greeted us as we left after the first day

my finished quilt top, completed just after lunch on the sunday

Beau our constant companion for the weekend, he was always right there on the doorstep enjoying the sun

if you have ever considered going to Kerry's (cottage on the hill) for a weekend retreat


you will have a ball spending all day stitching and eating glorious food

hope your hands are working on something that you love




Cardygirl said…
Glad you had your quilt!
it sure was a great the quilt you did......thanks for the extra sewing you did too....must try the hairdo on Fairy Girl.....but those M&M's need to be on the other side of the shop so we have to walk all the way over there for exercise
Anita said…
What a great weekend it was!!
Susan said…
Looks like a perfect weekend. You did well to finish your top.
Cottage On the the best place, we head off in two will be year number 11 for us...Just love your quilt....glad you had a ball
Deb R said…
Wow looks like you guys had a fabulous time!!! Very proud a completed quilt top yay!
Fiona said…
Sounds like an excellent weekend.... so fun to sew with friends...
Allie said…
That looks so fun, and I LOVE your quilt top, it's just gorgeous!!!
Linda said…
Love your quilt...looks like a bunch of fun!!
It was a wonderful weekend, Trish.....great company, lots of laughs, heaps of calories...haha....and blissful sewing time.....did you think we had enough variety in wine to choose from??? many sleeps till we do it all again???.......
Anonymous said…
Looks like you had a great weekend :)
It was great to have you visit me, so glad you enjoyed yourself, your quilt looks great and how is the meatsafe going??

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