on my sewing table - an update, Durlindana

I ve been pretty busy this past week, 
i finally stopped procrastinating and Durlindana has finally made it to the 
sewing table

initially i planned to do my cross designs with my brand new quilting Halo 
(a recent purchase in Sydney)
(this is my sample and i found the quilting halo great on this sample , i will let you know how it goes on the full size quilt)

but after two attempts i found that the lines weren't straight and i decided that despite
the increased work of twisting and turning the quilt through the machine
i would use the walking foot

my cross design, i think it looks really good and i am really happy with the overall effect

the quilt mountain behind Victoria (the machine)
boy has she worked hard for the last few nights

so the current count is

29 full size crosses done
7 full size crosses to go
12 half crosses to go

i hope your hands are working on some thing that you love




Fiona said…
It's looking great... our machines do serve us so well don't they....
I have had a bash with my Halo as well....
Susan said…
You are so brave to try that on your own machine. Clever girl.
the quilting looks even better in real life.......it's a beautiful quilt....don't for get to bring her to retreat.....thanks for the cuppa and chat.......
Khris78 said…
I love your crosses they look great !!
Anita said…
Looks great !! Can't wait to see it all finished.

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