secret sewing

 a few months back i showed you a tiny hint of some secret sewing i had done  . . . . .so now it's time for the big reveal

so just to torment you . . . . the teaser as i showed you before

the story of this secret sewing goes back to January this year, when i was holidaying in Fingal Bay
and had lot's of time to surf the net i came across this lovely swap by Cheryl of willowberry designs
the swap was called 

It's a little bit French

each Month the fabulous Cheryl released a pattern with the a french touch

as part of the french swappers we were to select one project make it and send the project off to our swap partner before the end of the first week in July

the projects included, lavender bags, pincushions, a jewellery roll, a laundry bag and of course the gorgeous thimble pip and scissor case that i chose

the thimble pip and scissor case, lovingly stitched with Cheryl's lavender design

in keeping with the french theme i had Miss S sketch me up a card to send with the project

So my project was posted off in the first few days of July
and i have received an email from 

who appears to be thrilled with her swap prize

sadly i had hoped to post here pictures of my swap pieces
but they have as yet not arrived . . . . 

i no longer watch excitedly for the post man
i m not sure whether they were lost in the post or never been sent

and i must say i feel a little sad 
have you ever had a bad experience with a swap?

 i guess on the bright side
i have now got six fabulous project patterns that i can use to create fabulous 
French inspired

hope your your hands are working on a project that you love



Lyn said…
What an awful thing to happen...I can just imagine your excitement in waiting for your gift to arrive...I have only been in a few swaps and the parcels all arrived though I worried when one was late..sometimes the mail can take a while but you would think an email to let you know would be in order..hoping for a good outcome for you
Deb R said…
Its sad when you put a lot of work into making swap items and get nothing in return...but dont let one norty person put you off... xx
Susan said…
Such a shame about your swap, but I'm sure your partner is thrilled with hers. Lovely stitching, and your daughters art is very impressive.
Lesley said…
I've been in several swaps and generally that all work out well. However, I am still waiting for my swap to arrive for the last one I was in. It was a christmas swap last year! A shame when that happens, but a wonderful thing when it works out well.
simplestitches said…
yep it happened to me a couple of years ago, very sad...but I was fortunate as someone else stepped up and I did receive something after all...hopefully it WILL turn up...
Fiona said…
what a pity.... unfortunately it happens every now and then but I hope it doesn't put you off... most swappers do their bit...

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