nearly there

well as you all know i have been working on my quilt Durlindana for just over a year now and well she is nearly finished

as you also know i had some problems with the bias edges stretching
but this is the top
(before i started quilting)

this is how i quilted the blocks

this is how i quilted the borders
( i am showing you the back because it is easier to see)
i did a little free motion quilting
it's not perfect but it is pretty good and looks great on the back
sadly you can barely see it on the front

this is the design Miss S created for me for the corners

and this is where i am up to

i really like binding it is that sense that it is nearly complete

i probably have just over one side to go

would like to get it finished before Tassie but with under two weeks left and lot's of things to get organised. . . . . . . . . i may be pushing it

but hey you will all be proud of me i have my sewing stuff organised

hope your hands are working on something that you love


Googy girl


Susan said…
It's looking great Trish. Exciting to be so close to the end. The back looks good too!
I think you have done a fantastic job on your quilting!! love your backing fabric too!

Anita said…
It's beautiful! Love your quilting.
jfoster8 said…
Beautiful quilting Trish..
OMG it looks are nearly done........i'm sure your drive to get this finished will push you thru........
quilterliz said…
G'day. Your quilt looks fabulous and your quilting equally as fabulous. Love the fabrics for the front and back. Well done. Take care. Liz...
Deb R said…
The quilt looks fabulous as is your quilting, very nice...your on the home stretch go Trish x
Allie said…
I am in AWE of your quilting - this is just marvelous, girl! Keep pushing, I bet you can get it done - turn on some mindless tv and just stitch, lol!
Nicky said…
It looks amazing Trish, your quilting is beautiful.

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