bits and pieces

i ve been doing lot's of bits and pieces lately a little of this and a little of that

i rediscovered a long put aside stitchery

i think i was actually working on this stitchery the second year i attended GDITC so this is at least 2 years old, i am really enjoying stitching again 
(i tended to gravitate to the machine more recently)

but i learn't a while ago with my stitching to just go with the flow, i try very hard not to work on something i am not enjoying

so if i don't feel like working on it i put it away, and like this gorgeous stitchery when i m ready i ll come back to it

Cooper and i put in a couple of hours on Sunday night watching the Tennis , drinking tea and stitching
it was a very productive night, even if i was a tiny bit disappointed that Andy Murray lost.....

my next few blocks of my winding ways pinned ready to be stitched

i was working away, with Victoria the other night, and i must of really had my photographers eye happening as i keep seeing potential photo's

my threads in my new set of draws my mum bought me for christmas

and i love the way the fabric concertina ed 
(got no idea how to spell that and spell check didn't help) 
behind the needle
i don't know why it did this maybe the machine thought i would enjoy it

but i love this photo

any way nothing finished to show you

just some works in progress 

Hope your hands are working on something that you love



Susan said…
Don't worry about the's the creativity along the way that's important, and you seem to be finding it in a few different places. Love the photo of the cotton reels......nice looking drawers.
Love your photos...your photographer's eye is very tuned in! Cooper looks very involved with the tennis too! xx Lea
Lorraine said…
I never work on something I am tired of.....I think the quality of my stitching reflects my mood :) Always better to put it away for another day!
Fiona said…
thats the only way to stitch... when the love is there... great pictures... there is art in all sorts isn't there?
Jenny said…
Hey Googy girl , love the name. Love the photos too the cottons look so bright and fun.
Deb R said…
I agree, put it away till the mood strikes...or something else grabs your interest! The material does that on my machine too lol

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