Oh what a wonderful Mother's Day

I had a fabulous Mother's Day

I awoke to discover

These beautiful flowers, along with two blocks of my favourite dark chocolate

Sitting on my kitchen bench,

they were a gift from Mister T ( Miss S's boyfriend)

Don't you love the way the light is streaming in through the windows making the flowers glow

Soon gadget and Miss S were up, I think they were more excited than me. They impatiently watched me make my cup of tea and I soon had two beautifully wrapped pressies placed in my hands.

Gadget instructed me which to open first and tah dah

An iPad mini

It is so cute

This is it in it's case

This is my mini ready to make it's first blog post

My mum came down and bought me some more gorgeous flowers

Mothers days flowers grown in her own garden, I just love mothers days flowers.....these have found a home in my jug from Nundle in my sewing room

We then travelled in to The Grind cafe, in Darby st, Newcastle to have breakfast, sadly Miss M and Just M ( miss m's partner) couldn't join us as they both had to work. Although Just M was only metres away cooking in the kitchen.

After breakfast we headed home and I spent some nice quality time with my mum

For lunch we joined some of our friends (Mister M's parents) for a picnic over looking the gorgeous Lake Macquarie.

In the evening Miss M and Just M arrived bearing yet more gifts.

Miss M had hand made these gorgeous t bags from my favourite T2 , if you look closely you can see the beautiful little stitches she made.....

They also gave me this beautiful box of DVD s

Audrey Hepburn is one of my favourite actresses and now
I have hours and hours of movies to watch. . . . .

I had a wonderful Mother's Day

And I hope all my wonderful friends had a fabulous Mother's Day too

" I hope your hands are working on a project that you love"


Posted from my new iPad mini.....:-)


Your very spoilt!! ... Lucky you...no mothers day at my house!.. my girls will be home this weekend..so Im expecting big things! Xx
Anonymous said…
wow lots of wonderful goodies there,you were very spoilt,glad you had such a wonderful day.xx
Susan said…
Sounds like you had a perfect day......and how cute is your little mini.
Cheryll said…
And it posts very well too! Lovely loot arriving at your home last Sunday! Go enjoy! :)
You were one very spoilt Mumma....glad you had a good day
Deb R said…
Awww soo spoilt, as you deserve to be !
Cardygirl said…
Glad you had a great day!
Jenny said…
Its so nice to be shown your appreciated.. You obviously are....
Fiona said…
sooooooo spoilt!! wonderful and you will enjoy those pressies for a long time....

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