Scrappy chook quilt

So I have been keeping this one under wraps, not on purpose mainly just because I have been a very lazy blogger.

A few months ago, as most of you know I had a visit to chookyblue's place, whilst there I had the pleasure to sleep under some of her gorgeous quilts.

But one in particular took my fancy

I just loved the scrappiness of this quilt, the lovely colours but mainly just the simple design.

So when I headed up to Nundle for my retreat, I sent the lovely Kerry a photo and she assured me she could pull together some lovely fabrics and guide me, to put this lovely quilt together.

When I arrived at Nundle

This lovely bundle of fabrics awaited me

The girls and I used the black and white feature on the iPad to determine light medium and dark fabrics

I spent 3/4 of the first day creating these squares, I think I frustrated Miss Joolz because I just could not be random, I had to be organised I didn't want to get end and end up with a huge bundle of the same fabrics...

Midway through the second day I had my squares joined into sets of four and was able to lay them out to pick the border fabrics.

I left Nundle with a bag of blocks

On arriving home my blocks were pinned to the design wall

And I played and played until I had the blocks just as I wanted them

Then gradually over the following weeks the blocks became rows, and the rows became my quilt

Then the borders were added, including a supper cute little peeper

And tah dah my finished Scrappy chook quilt flimsy

The scrappy chook quilt

named in honour of my good friend


"Hope your hands are working on a project you love"


Googy girl

The Eggcellant elf

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Anonymous said…
its gorgeous Trish,love the fabric,well done.xx
Oh I love your scrappy chook quilt.......and so glad I was with you when you made a fair bit of it.........
Susan said…
It's a great finish Trish. Love seeing the whole process in one post too.
Cheryll said…
It's wonderful Trish... and such an honour for Chooky too! Feels good to complete your scrappy quilt I bet! :)
Fiona said…
It's awesome... and I love the story that goes with it....
Nicky said…
Oooh, love this one, it can be quite hard to make things look random!
Sisbabestitches said…
Great effort! I tend to "work" at random too :) The finished quilt looks wonderful :)
Anita said…
Love it! And congratulations on a finish!
Susan said…
It looks great - and to have it all chosen and cut - wonderful. Enjoy snuggling under it.
Anonymous said…
Looks awesome Trish :)
Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Jenny said…
Well "eggcellent Elf " you have done a great job. It looks beautiful. Many happy snuggles under it.

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