home sweet home ….loving my wifi

. . . . Home . . . .

where the pants are stretchy

and the wifi connects automatically

. . . . .

most of you know that recently i headed off overseas for a little holiday

my husband i both love to travel and are always keen to see new and exciting places
in recent years , we have confined our journeys to within Australian borders.
out of respect for our daughters education.

this year however we left Bridget the glamping van
in the driveway
and hopped on a plane

this wasn't our first trip to Bali
we first visited Bali when we were young and carefree

however this time was special
 we headed to Bali
for a very special occasion
gadget's brother was marrying his wonderful
new wife in a traditional
Balinese Ceremony

we had a lovely time surrounded by our extended family
exploring and rediscovering the charms of Bali

i love the sights, sounds and smells of 
a foreign country
however i have to say i love the sights, sounds and smells of home
as the plane came down to land in Sydney
and i caught a glimpse of 
the Opera house and Harbour bridge the tears welled up in my eyes
(probably the fact they were playing i still call Australia home probably didn't help)
stepping out off the airport 
the sweet smell of an australian rainy day was wonderful

arriving home to find this beautiful message 
left by my kids
hearing their voices and laughter 
filled my heart to bursting
the sneaky monkeys even managed to arrange for my eldest to come 
come home for dinner 

it was wonderful to sit in front of my beloved Victoria 
(sewing machine)
and listen to her distinct hum
with the music of australian birds outside my window
and a light cool breeze gently drifting through my window

it was also pretty cool that my smart phone became smart again
and the wifi was quick and i can access the wifi
without heading to the hotel lobby
(although this was a pretty nice to hang out)

i had a wonderful time
Bali was magical and a great adventure
i loved spending time with my extended family

but i am a homebody
through and through
and i am always happiest in my Nest
more about Bali to come

"hope your hands are working on a project that you love"


Googy Girl


Anita said…
So gold you enjoyed your time away! I love travelling too.
Susan said…
Welcome home! It is wonderful to travel, but it's wonderful to have a home too. Beautiful post. X
Welcome home.....so pleased you had a fantastic time...great photos...
Fiona said…
a special trip and I loved the way you related it all.... I am like you... I like home where things work the way I want them to work!!!(most of the time)
glad your home safe and sound and that you had a wonderful time away..........
Anonymous said…
what an awesome trip you had Trish and love the sign from the kids,welcome back home.xx
Sam said…
Welcome home, how lovely of your kids. Looks like you had a wonderful time, that sunset is beautiful. Thanks for sharing your photos.
Welcome home and back in your stretchy pants

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