churn dash block swap

The churn dash block has alway been amongst my favourite traditional blocks. 
I did consider running a block swap, just so I could gather lots of these super cute blocks. 
Well lucky for me someone else thought of it too

Cathy from Novocastrian quilters has organised an eight month churn dash block swap using civil war reproduction fabrics and shirtings.

Above are my April and May blocks ready to swap

My already swapped March and

February blocks

They are collectively a lot more colourful and bright then I had thought they would be and ideas are already forming in my head as to the gorgeous quilt they will make. I've been doing a lot of looking at Pinterest for inspiration and surfing the net. I am loving this swap and I think this will make a bright happy traditional quilt.

Have you made a Churn dash Quilt?

Where do you get you inspiration?


Googy girl

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Fiona said…
I love your churndashes... I have just made a top out of 12" churndash blocks that I collected in a block swap and I rather fancy a quilt made of 6" churndashes... I have some shirtings waiting to be used for it...
Diane-crewe said…
it is such a versatile block xx have fun x
Susan said…
They are so cute, I'm sure you will think of a great design for them. They look small.......
Cheryll said…
You'll do a wonderful job putting this quilt together I'm sure...your love of these blocks will inspire you! :)
Small pieces said…
Am so glad you are enjoying the block swap. I'm wondering what to do with mine too. It will be simple...
Just beautiful. This would be one block that I can never get right :(

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