MSG and a weekend getaway

Usually during the winter months, our caravan (Bridget) is tucked away under her protective cover, however with the trip to Bali, we missed our usual Easter weekend get away and have had something or other on most weekends since so we really have had much time away this year.

Gadget decided he wanted some time away so he hooked up Bridget and he and Cooper headed off on Friday evening, To the beautiful Monkerai Valley, my favourite place to get away.

Cooper really enjoyed the winter sun, being outdoors and away from home.

Whilst the boys were playing in the sun , I headed to a workshop with Margaret Sampson George.
It was a wonderful day learning a lot from a very talented quilt artist and being totally surrounded by my gorgeous quilting friends.

I just love the details that Margaret adds to her quilts, you really need to study them closely to see them all. This frog was just perfect.

I needed to do a bit of shopping of course, every new quilt needs new fabric, with the bottom lavender check fabric being the background for my new quilt. Some of these fabrics are a l little left of centre for me, in recent times i have done most of my work with reproductions and i have to admit to feeling a little challenged , but everyone needs to step outside their box.
so this quilt will be an interesting adventure.

After the workshop I jumped in my trusty little red car and headed off to join my boys. We had a lovely campfire stew for dinner and we sat around the fire chatting about our day. Unfortunately on Sunday their was a fair bit of wind, and we were forced to spend many hours inside the van. But I did get to do a bit of stitching, with the view above providing a beautiful view.

I also took the opportunity to catch up on my reading and finished reading my latest book. I wish I could say it was a great weekend away but with the wind forcing us inside and the temperature dropping to freezing ( well it felt like it)!overnight, I have to say I was pretty happy to pack up and head home.....

Do you have a favourite place to get away for a weekend?

"Hoping that hands are working in a project that you love"



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Susan said…
Good luck with your MSG quilt. I don't know how you chose the fabrics, I think it's a little too far out of the box for me, but I'm looking forward to seeing yours. Looks like a lovely spot, but it was cold on the weekend.
Fiona said…
the new quilt looks a lot of fun.... I will enjoy watching it grow... yes the cool has come down... my favourite getaway has to be to the beach....
That's a bit of a challenge for you then Trish....I find that too when I'm not using the darker colours! My favourite place to get away to would be to have some respite for JoJo and have a few hours off! I love eating out!

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