churndash, churndash, CHURNDASH

One of my friends said I was obsessed, and I think she could be right
. . . LOL . . .

Previously ( a long time ago) I posted that I was participating in a block swap
For eight months i diligently made my ten churndash blocks, delivered them to the meeting , unfortunately not in person most of the time, but I have great friends who helped me out.

I started looking at lay outs, I m liking the zigzag setting at the moment

At the end of the eight months I had 80 gorgeous, 4 1/2 inch churndash blocks. When I calculated how big a quilt the would make I quickly realised that I needed more at first just a couple
But recalculation showed I would still get a smallish quilt, a single bed size. Then I thought ohh I ll make it bigger so I kept making them and kept making them

Then I played with backgrounds, I wanted something that looked antique, the general consensus through Instagram was that the cheddar was the favourite. Although I do like the purple and pink too

As of today I have 20 blocks left to make, these are all cut ready for my weekend in Bathurst for the blog meet. I'm yet to find and buy my background fabric.

Am I obsessed, yeh a little, but that's how we get quilts made and if it keeps me running back to the sewing room it's a good thing

Don't you think?

Do you get obsessed with a project?

" hope your hands are working on a project that you love"


Googy girl

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Lovely Googy and yes I do ...LOL xx
Susan said…
An obsession of the best kind, and so true......that's how quilts get made! Looking forward to seeing what background you choose.
a little obsessed.........looks great..........I was thinking the pink would look more antique........
everyone should have an obsession!....Love your churndashes. Xx Lea
Jenny said…
Looks great .. I have never done a churn dash but I will have to.
Jenny said…
Looks great .. I have never done a churn dash but I will have to.

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