Lucy Boston BOM

My lovely friend Sandy has started her online business, Shiralee stitches. She sends out a regular newsletter and a few weeks ago I received her newsletter and discovered she was doing her first BOM program

And what a first BOM program to start with . . . . . 
A Lucy Boston block /Quilt is something I have long thought about making. So when I seen Sandy was doing this I just couldn't resist.
Actually signing up for this BOM caused me some drama s. I signed up for it the Thursday night before I drove to Bathurst for the bloggers meet. Unfortunately I arrived in Leura and discovered I had left my wallet / credit cards on the lounge. Luckily I had my license and my bank allowed me to withdraw money without my card. So it did nt inhibit my spending too much
although Chooky had offered some financial assistance if required.

Just love the fabric in this block, the fabrics are from the Community fabric range, a lovely range from the Collections for a Cause,by Marcus fabrics

It all came together so easily, I actually did a little stitching when i was on night duty
at home of course . . . 

All complete, probably one of the quickest BOM's I have ever done. Can t wait till next month.

If you would like to join the fun pop on over to Shiralee Stitches and sign up.

" I hope your hands are working on a project that you love"


Googy girl

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Susan said…
I'm tempted by Lucy too, your first block is lovely. I'm glad you still got to shop!
You have done a lovely job Googy...
creations.1 said…
Bloggers are Crafty aren't they - especially when it comes to missing out on buying more supplies!!
Jenny said…
I must admit I thought it was lovely and signed up as well. It will be a good caravan project .
Looks great, I'll have to pop over and see Sandys store
DAWNIE said…
This looks lovely and you got it together so quickly. If ever I do epp Lucy Boston is it, just love these colours,mother work so well together.

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