And so it begins...... The Double Wedding Ring adventure

Well i awoke Australia day to the sound of rain pattering down on Bridget's roof. Which was a little sad as it was our last day away, and the night before i had had a lovely evening stitching and watching Kyrgios playing Seppi.

But unfortunately the rain had set in and it wasn't looking like clearing for several days, and to make things even worse for some reason our television reception went crappy. So we decided we may as well head home where we could watch the Television and get all the unpacking over and done with. So the upside of this was that i got to start working on my DWR quilt.

Last week i finally starting cutting my fabric for my DWR quilt
i cut what i thought was heaps of pieces, only to discover i have cut less than a quarter of what i will need ( and that is just for the arcs). I am using the Matilda's own Double Wedding Ring template set and my smaller rotary cutter and so far so good.

Last Night Victoria and i set to work, stitching these pieces together.

i m trying to be random in an organised way . . . . LOL

This is greatly assisted by the use of my pudding Bowl, ( to contain all the little pieces and mix them up a little) and a glass of wine of course . . . . .

i hope you had a fabulous Australia Day
"i hope your hands are working on a project that you love"


Googy Girl

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Susan said…
Organised random.......a girl after my own heart. Great to finally start on a long awaited project, I'm looking forward to your updates.
Jenny said…
Great to see you Victoria and Bridget having time together.Good luck with that quilt.
Fiona said…
Its going to be gorgeous.....
Dawnie said…
Hi Trish where did u get the Matilda template??? I have just been introduced in this double wedding ring after a quilt I have seen??? The I read you are making a start?? How big are the rings from the template you have?? Looking forward to seeing your progress.
OMG you being random...........better be sewing with closed's going to look great in these fabrics..........goodluck........

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