Just a bit hooked

A few months ago I posted about my decision to return to my childhood hobby of working with yarn. I made some washers , using both crochet and knitting, and some fingerless gloves all projects inspired by the jellywares yarn club.

I enjoyed working with yarn so much that I decided to take on a new . . . . Larger challenge. For quite a long time I have been following attic 24. I love Lucy s bright colourful blog. I enjoy watching her create her lovely designs. Back in November last year, Lucy started her cosy stripe blanket crochet along. I instantly was drawn to the project, I loved the colours however I resisted temptation. Knowing that a crochet blanket was a long term project, and I already have so many of those . . . . . LOL.

Over the past few months I have spent quite a few visits to Lucy s blog and drooled over her beautiful blanket. 

So I caved in , and the lovely gadget and the girls ordered the wool pack from Lucy s store.

The yarn arrived in time to be my Mother's Day present.  To my frustration I flew out to Fiji the next day and my 15 ball of gorgeous wool remained at home, really it was too big to pack in my suitcase. I did contemplate it though.

I couldn't wait to get home so i could get started. i did keep myself occupied with some other lovely projects, which i will share with you soon. 

As soon as I got home I got started 

And from the first moment I was hooked, I loved it. I loved the colours I enjoyed the rhythm of the crochet. 

Progress was pretty quick and I had achieved 13 rows in the first 48 hours. Ok . . . . yeh I did have some very late nights . . . . . Well I did have some television catching up to do . . . . 

And here I am just five days later and I have completed 30 rows and used all 15 colours. so i have now completed 1/6th of my blanket

I m probably a little biased but I think it looks really gorgeous. The above photo probably does nt do the colours justice, it was taken at night. 

I look forward to keeping you updated on the progress of my own cosy stripe blanket . . .


Googy girl


very nice........better bring it with you we'll have chilly mornings...........
Anonymous said…
Wow Trish I am loving this blanket,well done.xx
Too many eggs said…
I wish I could take some of the credit Shez, but it s all goes to Lucy. I guess it just shows I have good taste .... Lol
Susan said…
Absolutely gorgeous, no wonder you couldn't resist. Can't wait to see it finished.
Sure does look gorgeous xx
Janice said…
You're allowed to be biased. Lucy certainly does have an eye for colour. Her blog is one of my favourites. Your rug should be stunning and will also keep you nice and snug as you work on it. How very thoughtful of your family.
jfoster8 said…
Really lovely...love the colours
Fiona said…
oooh it all looks so lovely...
Beautiful blanket Trish, I'm not surprised you caved in :) Barb.
Awesome Googy!!.. just LOve it.. I wish I could crochet!!
Just beautiful already Trish. Love all the colours xx
Just beautiful Trish, Love all the colours xx

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