A new year , new challenges and exciting days ahead

2015 started with high hopes and excitement abounding in our household and it truly didn't disappoint

2015 seen Gadget complete his Masters of Social Science  with a Distinction average and whilst at times it was stressful getting the essays together, i think he thoroughly enjoys the study and it will not surprise me if he finds a another degree  sometime in the near future.

2015 seen us travel to Fiji to watch my beautiful eldest niece marry the love of her life, i was proud to stand and watch one of my closest work colleagues marry the man she waited so very long for.

we smiled with joy at the arrival of a new life and cried a river of tears saying  goodbye to loved family members.

we watched ( a little nervously) as our eldest spread her wings and journey to the other side of the world, she returned to us safely. Our youngest also spread her wings and took a journey she also has now developed a travellers heart and is travelling to Bali in the very near future.

we sadly learn't of an illness within our family which rocked all our worlds, but whilst this left us all a little shaken it has created a stronger bond through out our family and we are growing ever closer.

2015 saw me stretch my creative abilities, i continued to work on my MSG quilt which has challenged me in so many ways, and whilst at times i have contemplated to throwing it in the back  of the wardrobe, i persevered and i feel we (the quilt and i)  have turned a corner and our journey will definitely continue into 2016. 

With the assistance of Jodie from Jellywares I rediscovered my love of yarn and once again picked up my knitting needles. My favourite new knitted items being my fingerless gloves and some delicious washcloths.  I also embarked on a new challenge in 2015 and started and finished my first crochet blanket.  The crochet blanket was inspired by Lucy’s cosy blanket, and my lovely family gifted me the wool pack created by Lucy.  I just loved making this blanket and it in turn has inspired many others to start their own hooky journey. I already have a wool pack ready for the winter of 2016.

My Darling friend the wicked temptress Cardy girl got me back into Cross stitch in 2015, and I am all but finished my first cross stitch for many many years, never one to be faint hearted I jumped in with boots and all when Miss Linen suggested a stitch – a – long and am excited to get started on this new projects.

Baking was also high on my agenda in 2015 i continue to plod along with Sourdough baking, although was horrified to discover that my starter has been accidentally thrown out and i need to start again 

i discovered Brioche and even had a crack at making Croissants.  they were huge but absolutely delicious.  however with the current healthy life style happening in our home, they may not be on the baking list for a while.

who knows what 2016 will bring i 'm sure there will be good and bad, joys and sorrows

but i do know that surrounded by the love of my family
the love and support and kindness of my gorgeous friends both close and far away
it will be a challenge i look forward to 

and want to share here with you all.

Googy Girl
"Life is like a cup of tea, it s all in how you make it"


Susan said…
all the best for your wonderful year ahead......looking forward to watching your cross stitch sal too.
Susan said…
What a beautiful way to sum up the year - all the very best for 2016 - may there be more highs than lows.
I miss my cross stitch . . .
Jenny said…

Lovely piece of writing Googy. Hope to see you in the new year.

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