The simple things

Sometimes luck finds you and you get the opportunity to do something that truely 
makes your heart sing.

The other day i was supposed to be working a late shift, 
I had whizzed around all morning, tidying and completing as many chores as possible.

Just as I was about to get ready to go to work, my boss called and offered me the day off

. . . Yes . . .

So since the house was tidy i thought this time is man and I looked to my sewing cabinet 
I had new fabric and an idea in mind, but I needed a table to cut my fabric out
My dining table was covered in clothes ( I had just folded) waiting to be put away by their owners
So I went outside to our outdoor area
under the marquee I could feel a gentle breeze blow across my skin
I could hear the cicarda's chirping 
And it was just a beautiful day

I felt filled with joy

So I cut out my new skirt and then was ready to head inside to start sewing, and then I thought why go inside ? It was lovely outside why not enjoy it

I grabbed an extension cord and miss Bonnie and set myself up

Within a an hour my skirt was almost complete.

The simple things 
A gentle breeze, the sun sparkling on the water in the pool, the cicarda's and the hum of Bonnie.

Too many times I run around doing  this or that and rarely allow myself  to stop and  enjoy some of the simple pleasures in life.

But after this I intend to stop more often and give myself more time off

"Life is like a cup of tea, it's all in how you make it"


Googy Girl


Sharmayne said…
Sounds lovely, and what a great idea, rather than waiting till you finished putting everything away. I can't believe you managed to get a skirt cut out and almost completed sewing - well done!
jfoster8 said…
Sounds great Trish.
Susan said…
It sounds like a blissful day.....and a bonus that the chores were done! Do we get to see the finished skirt?
Jenny said…
Beautiful thoughts

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