Counting down

for the past two years quietly (ok so sometimes not so quietly) Gadget and i have been slowly piecing together the holiday we have dreamed of for as long as we have know each other.

Visiting Paris has been my dream for as long as i can remember 
and seeing Italy has been Gadgets

so this is it 2016 is the year the 

Googy's have their European vacation

our reading,
 and this is just the hard copy books, you should see the pile of Ebooks 
on our iPads . . . . .


my bed side reading
and if you look at my side bar you will see my current read is called Paris . . . 

do you think i m obsessed ?

so with just 30 days to go

consider this fair warning

in just 1 months time you will be bombarded with

posts direct from

France, Italy and a little of Turkey

Au Revoir


Googy Girl


Susan said…
Exciting. I'll be watching, reading and making travel notes for my own European adventure (one day).
it's going to be wonderful......
linny said…
We visited Turkey 2 years ago & loved it. A week in Istanbul, then hired a car & drove all down the coast. I hope you enjoy your trip.
Deb R said…
Sounds soo exciting, sigh Id love to go to Paris too, cant wait to catch up and here al about it!
Nah not obsessed lol! I'm re-living it all reading your post!
Janice said…
How exciting. You will love it. You sound so much more organised than we were. I'm looking forward to tagging along with your posts.
Fiona said…
wonderful... I managed to 'loose' your blog but so glad to have found it again before the holiday so I can 'travel' with you...

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