Shopping day and Naples

So today started off a bit slow . . . We got to sleep in . . . 8am . . We were both awake at around 7 anyway . . . LOL so since we had only the plan of visiting Naples in the afternoon we took the opportunity to get some gifts for our family and spend a bit of time wandering around Sorrento. These are just a few photos we have taken over the last couple of days. In the lovely Sorrento.

The Main Street of Sorrento.

The view from our balcony, a bustling little laneway filled with wonderful little shops.

The beautiful bay of Sorrento from the foreigners club.

And the sun setting on a little square just down the road from our B & B.

We headed off just before lunch, catching a train to Napoli. We arrived in time to have some lunch, a pizza of course, which was pretty good.

Then we caught up with our Tour guide Michele for a quick tour around Naples 

This is the Naples Cathedral. Officially it is known as the cathedral of the assumption of Mary , but more commonly in Naples it is referred to as the Catterdale di San Gennaro. San Gennaro is the patron saint of Naples. Every year San Gennaro performs three miracles. They have a glass ampoule which is said to contain his blood and this blood liquifies 3 times a year. Michele explained that many times he came to the church to see this miracle but he has never been able to see it, as the chapel of San Genarro fills so quickly , people sleep out the day / night before to get in. This was a lovely cathedral with some very interesting chapels , including San Gennarro's and a wonderful crypt under the main alter.
We wandered through the ancient city and Michelle explained the architecture and significant monuments as we walked along.

We noticed these skulls on the side walk.   Our guide told us the skulls were placed there many many years ago by the church to remind people that they needed to lead a good life because eventually they would die and need to account for their sins.
After looking at a few churches and wandering up the via San Gregorio, famous for making nativity scenes. We headed to a cafe for a coffee and a sfogliatella. A sfogliatella ( often called lobster tales in English) is a delightful pastry filled with ricotta cheese and just a hint of lemon. The outside shell is quite crunchy.  It was really really nice, I looked up the recipe and nope, won't be attempting this pastry . . . . . Lol

This is the Piazza del plebiscito and the basilica Di Francesco Di Paola. We did have a little peep inside the Basilica , however as a wedding was taking place it was only a very quick peep.

The ever present Mt Versuvias , seen from the Piazza del Plebiscito.

The bay of Naples , with Mt Versuvius in the background. We enjoyed our short visit to Naples , it was interesting hearing of their history and seeing the impact that the Greeks, Spanish and French have had in this southern Italian city.


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