The isle of Capri

Today was another early start, Gadget keeps telling me that this is the last one but they keep on coming .... Lol 
I don't really care everyday of this holiday has been worth dragging myself out of bed early for

The isle of Capri
So today we caught the ferry and headed  to the isle of Capri.
After getting off the ferry we headed straight to the top, to Anacapri. Where we caught a chair lift to the top of Mount Salerno, some 580 metres above sea level.  It was a little cloudy this morning so the view was not quite as great as it could of been.  And the wind was howling around us, thank goodness there was a little cafe where we could grab a coffee.

A pretty amazing view.

I just loved the positioning of this statue.

Heading back down on the chair lift.

This is the town of Capri from Anacapri. History indicates that the isle of Capri has always been a resort island even dating back to the time of Augustus. At times it has belonged to the Greeks , the French and the British. In modern times it continues to be an extremely popular resort, with well known pop stars and actors owning villa's on the island.

The faraglioni, rock formations off the coast of Capri.

Beautiful views from the gardens of Augustus, Capri 

The Blue Grotto

We travelled to the isle of Capri on a organised tour. Our tour guide was very keen to encourage the group to do a tour on a boat that took you around the island to see various sites. Whilst he did not discourage people from doing the blue grotto tour, he really did a hard sell on the boat tour. Anyway Gadget and I were pretty determined, the blue grotto was always on our to do list, so we stuck with our plans and we didn't regret it, certainly from what the others in our group tour said the boat tour was marvellous. 

Boats lined up waiting to get into the blue grotto

The blue grotto is a sea cave on the coast of Capri. So basically it receives light from two sources. The first being the cave that you enter, so let me tell you about entering the cave. In the top picture you can see small row boats, they get you to sit in the bottom of the boat and as you enter the cave you have to lay down flat . . . . In my case on top of two total strangers ( gadget was at the front he was all alone). The boatsmen use a chain attached to the cliff to pull the boat in.
The second source of light is a hole about 3 metres below the surface which is about ten times as large as the hole above the surface the two caves are separated by a bar of rock between one and two meters thick.  I can explain the whole scientific rationale for the blueness of the water, but that just distracts from the magic of it.
Just to add to the wonderful experience the boatsman sang "Volare" ( if you don't know this song this is the link ) you will recognise it when you hear it. This resonated in the cave and all the tourist started singing to . . . It was a wonderful experience, and we no sooner left the cave and I turned to gadget and said can we do it again . . . 
If I ever return to Capri this is definitely on my to do again, and maybe again list. . . .

Capri from the harbour

Sorrento, in the late afternoon.


Googy Girl 


Susan said…
you sure are having a wonderful trip, looks amazing. you better find some sewing time this weekend as it's the Chookshed's birthday and your NOT here with us.......
Elizabeth Cox said…
Wonderful Trish you are bringing back memories for me I absolutely loved the blue grotto it's certainly an amazing trip you are on packed full of adventure and excitment!

Fiona said…

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