A life a little less exciting , but simply wonderful

wow it's taken me a while to sit down and write this post, and i have a myriad of excuses but to be honest i was feeling like . . . . well my life was a little less exciting after returning from Europe. no fabulous galleries visited, no ancient Archeological sites, no fabulous restaurants and bars or towns / cities filled with centuries of history.

returning home was wonderful, being with my family, my gorgeous friends and cuddling my adorable  dog Cooper.  i have even managed to celebrate a wonderful birthday. 

Initially i felt a little all over the place, trying to get back into familiar routines. this even followed through with my crafting doing little bits and pieces of everything

i spent a few hours working on my Hermence cross-stitch , by far not enough to meet my September deadline, but i ve decided deadline - smeadline i m enjoying working on this project and didn't want it to to become a chore due to a deadline, It's a lovely sampler and will fill some lovely cold winter afternoons and nights for a while to come . . . .  .

i even managed to squeeze in some work on my MSG quilt, no photo's as yet because i want to wait until my next workshop with Marg.

i started a new pair of socks for Miss M, knitting has always been my go to project when i am feeling tired and lack a great deal of concentrating ability and these socks were a blessing. i happily knitted  and caught up with my favourite television shows. don't you just love Jamie in Outlander

I used the magic sock method and knitted two at once (i taught myself this technique whilst in Europe)

I posted pictures of my progress on my Instagram page and just loved the comment by my gorgeous friend Fatquater bird that it looked like a bikini top for saggy Boobs . . .  . lol

this week the socks finally came off the needles and i loved knitting them. they are as i write this being blocked on my drying rack beside out lovely toasty fire.

I got my baking back on

and whipped up a batch of super delightful rosebud madeleines (recipe by Nigella Lawson) 
since i am watching my waistline i gifted most of them . . .  .

i also tried a shortbread recipe out and gifted most of them as well

and at last my super exciting news

i m doing a test knit for the delightful Truly Myrtle

(photo courtesy of truly Myrtle)

i discovered Truly Myrtle whilst lounging around in the airport Motel in Marseille. gadget was snoozing and i was knitting and  surfing instagram and someone mentioned listening to Truly Myrtle's podcast, i thought hmm that would be interesting to listen to. i downloaded a podcast and i was hooked, I ten started following Libby on her blog, Facebook and instagram and watched as she created the gorgeous hat above , which at this stage does nt  have a name as such but is referred to as the the chicken lady hat, it's a long story and you will need to read Libby's blog to understand.

anyway Libby asked for people to test her pattern i immediately private messaged her on Instagram and she very bravely accepted my offer and i am now officially a tester for Truly Myrtle

this is the super scrumptious wool i have chosen to knit the hat in and i decided since i am now a tester i would treat myself to a brand new set of knit pro interchangeable circular needles, a kind of belated birthday present to myself.

and finally i ve come to  realise that whilst i am leading a life a little less exciting it's none the less  pretty wonderful and definitely worth blogging about.

Au Revoir
Googy Girl


What a lovely post Trish and stunning Header! That looks like an apron in the background there which I also have! Wow congratulations on being a Tester....that must be so exciting! You Go Girl!
Anonymous said…
good morning Trish i enjoyed your post and wow how wonderful being a pattern tester and i love your friends comment about the saggy boob covers,lol,enjoy your day my friend xx
Susan said…
Glad your post adventure low didn't last too long. Even the every day can be wonderful, we just have to take the time to notice. Love the wool you have chosen, it's a gorgeous colour. Very exciting to be a taster, I'm sure you'll be brilliant at it. And happy belated birthday too. X
Janice said…
It's good to hear you are getting settled again after your wonderful travels. I'm looking forward to seeing how your new knitting project goes.
Fiona said…
so good to read you again..... it may have taken a bit of time to settle back but you have done heaps...... love the hat you are testing.... and if anything tempts me to knit more than a washcloth it will be socks
Your life is just as exciting and we live in an amazing country.....it's just that we take it for granted.......

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