Last day in London

Today was our last day in London so I dragged Gadget back to Buckingham Palace for the

Changing of the guards

I got a really good position up on the monument so I could take photos without trying to shoot over people's heads unfortunately about 30 mins before it started the police came and made us all get down , apparently it can get a bit crowded and people have been known to be pushed into the fountain . . . 
Anyway I managed to get some good photos despite the number of selfie sticks waved above people's heads.

The queens guard have been watching over the royal palaces since 1660.  The Changing of the Guard takes 45 mins and marks the handover between the Old Guard, who are nearing the end of their shift, and the New Guard, who are readying to relieve the Old Guard of their duties. 

The old guard form up on the left side of the palace grounds ( looking from the Victoria monument) then with the marching band leading the new guard march through the gates on the right side of the palace.  The two respective leaders "hand over" to each other and lots of carefully choreographed flag waving and pageantry takes place.  The band then entertains the crowd with a couple of tunes, we were lucky they did some contemporary music. Then the old guard marches out through the main gate at the front of the palace.  It was a great spectacle to see

The queens household cavalry paraded past the palace before and after the completion of the change over.  The really are the most gorgeous looking horses.

Queen Victoria monument 


The Queen Victoria monument is positioned at the end of the Mall, directly infront of Buckingham palace. The decision to create the monument was made in 1901 , however the monument was not completed until 1924.  The cost was estimated at £250 000 however it was decided that no grant would be given by the British government.  Many commonwealth countries contributed to raise the funds, Australia and New Zealand contributed £25 000 and £15 000 respectively, the people of Britain also contributed and they were able to raise enough money to build the monument, build the Admiralty Arch at the other end of the Mall and reface all of Buckingham Palace.

Of course a visit to Harrods was a necessary part of time in London.  The Harrods site covers approx 5 acres facing on to Brompton rd , Knightsbridge.  

Harrods has over 330 departments and has what I would have to say is the most beautiful foodhalls I've ever seen. We wandered through a few departments

We had a late lunch / afternoon tea in the tea rooms , I had a lovely cream tea and Gadget had a ploughmans lunch

London Eye

To Finish our London experience we though what better way then to see London then from 135 metres above.

The London eye was opened in 2000 and was at that time the worlds highest ferriswheel , however has been surpassed several times over. 

As you can see the views are spectacular, it takes 30 mins to do the full rotation.  And we thoroughly enjoyed it.

Our visit to London was very very busy as we crammed in as much as we possibly could, there is so much to see and to be honest I felt like I was just starting to know london and it was time to leave. 
You've probably figured out I am now a few posts behind, but we are now on the Island of Samos where things are much much quieter so over the next few days I will catch you up on what's happened in between.


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