airport entertainment

On the weekend we travelled up to Brisbane to celebrate
Gadget's  (d h) cousin
40th birthday
we had a great time catching up with
family some of whom 
i hadn't seen since my wedding day
21 years ago

we were to return home on Sunday
our flight was to depart at
on arrival at the airport we discovered that the flight was 
delayed until 
our plane arrived at the airport at 3:50pm
needing to be dis-embarked, cleaned and so forth before we could board
hence we boarded some where around 4;20pm
and arrived home some time after six

so we are stuck in the airport
what to do???
i had a book i would have happily read
Gadget had his Iphone so he was busy 
but Miss S didn't have anything to do, so what to do???

take one camera

and take photo's of
 your shoes

we had visited a direct factory outlet
and Miss S purchased herself a pair of red Doc Martin Boots

i scored a new pair of converses
love the colour it's called

so may colours to choose from it was a hard choice

the architecture

they had these great metal butterflies, 
which i sadly didn't notice till just prior to boarding and the 
camera was packed away

the art work on the side of the Virgin planes

did you know each plane has a Australian town name or place
this one was  . . . .Bondi Beach
have you every flown with Virgin?
what was the name of your plane?

and see if you can capture an image of the
smoke from the wheels of the a plane as it lands
(it took alot of landings and photo's to get this image)

i know you are probably thinking....why didn't you do some stitching
well some wally has decided that my teeny weeny little 
embroidery scissors are a deadly weapon 
(i did have one of those travel thread cutter thingies, but it has gone awol)
so my stitching was checked with the luggage
before i knew the flight was delayed

i must admit the photo shoot was entertaining

the sun going down from cloud level
photo taken by Miss S

hope your hands are working on something that you  love



Lyn said…
Great shoes and love the colours- fab photo of the clouds- don't you just hate it when you have to wait at the airport when all you want to do is get on your way!
Sounds like you had a lovely weekend. Love the shoes!! I think I'm another Imelda ...heehee

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