a photographers eye

Here is the disclaimer
i do not claim now or ever to be a great photographer
( i visit far too many photography blogs to make that claim)

i am just a woman with a great camera
a passion
and a little knowledge

anyway one of the things i love about camping
is that i slow down.....
and because i slow down i get the opportunity
 look around and see
my world through the camera lens
with a photographers eye

the view we gaze at whilst sipping our breakfast cuppa

our first sunset

another sunset

The gloaming
you can't see it very well in this shot
but there were thousands of tiny moths, mites....bugs????
fluttering beneath the branchs of this tree

i don't know what they were but they were mesmerising to watch

okay i know it's a fence post 
but i loved it's weathered beauty and colour
there is beauty in the simplest things

i couldn't resist having a go at this photography technique
and Sticky was a willing subject

the technique involves holding the shutter down
and using a torch to paint your subject
it's great fun
as Sticky was wearing muted colours
the golden light of the torch gave the image a very
vintage look

and of course when you spend alot of time
sitting by a fire there is always alot of fire shots

cooking and drying

can you see the fairies dancing

Hope where ever you are 
your hands are working on the something that you love



passion can get you a long way.............lovely pics..........esp the fire one......
Wow. Great photos, Trish. It all looks so serene......what a lovely camping spot....
Lyn said…
Great photos showcasing your special part of the world.

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