New Zealand

Last week on a cold wet rainy Australian day i boarded a plane
bound for New Zealand for a work conference
i was accompanied by six of my work collegues

i spent most of the five days we were in New Zealand inside their beautiful Aotea Centre
listening to speakers from all over the world, 
i was fortunate however to have the opportunity to see 
a little of Auckland and Devonport

This is the view of Auckland looking back from Devonport

The beautiful Waitemata Harbour

hope you have all been happy and healthy whilst i have been away

hope your hands are working on something that you love



Cardygirl said…
Looks like a great place to have a conference...hope you had some fun too!
hope you picked up some more info to help you at work..........
Great spot for a conference....lovely photos
Farm Girl said…
LOL - Most Kiwis go to Aussie to leave the wet, cold days behind here!
I hope you made it to Cushlas, in Devonport - I was there a few weeks ago and what a wonderful quilt store.
There seems to be trend amongst my to be heading off overseas to far off beautiful places for work lucky other friend went to Canada this year...hope you gained a lot of new knowledge, as well as enjoying the scenery......
Lyn said…
Nice clear shots of Auckland and the harbour- good to hear you had such a rewarding time up there and managed a spot of sightseeing..
rosie said…
You lucky girl... a work conference for me involves a visit to the shearing shed!!! LOL

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