English paper peicing

a while back i posted about my very exciting delivery from Kerry at cottage on the hill
at that time they were just papers and material
now i can show you a little bit of what i have 
been up to

i had all these pieces cut and glued ready to take to 
New Zealand
thinking that when i had time i would work on them

i really did nt get much of an opportunity

i was far too busy socialising

but since returning home i have managed to get these all put together
(may have had something to do with all the time i have spent catching up on my TV shows)

anyway it is lovely to finally have some sewing to show you all
(all the secret stitching makes it difficult 
for sharing)

i might be a bit slow reading all my favourite blogs for the next few days
as i am about to start the dreaded night duty

but will try to keep up

hope your all working on something you love
(or on something that someone else is going to love)



They look fantastic Trish..
Fiona said…
They all look wonderful... it will be fun watching these lovely fabrics come together...
your EPP is looking good........looking forward to seeing with everyone ends up with..........have fun on the night duty.......
and and I like the makeover.........
Lyn said…
Funny how socialising interrupted your sewing!!! Glad to hear you had a good time.. your EPP shapes look interesting...hope night duty leaves you some sewing time...
Susan said…
Love the early stages of a project.....will be interesting watching your EPP grow. Have fun with it.
Gee you have been busy, the EPP looks lovely.....hope you manage a few stitches whilst on night duty.....I must make a start on my This Goes with That....
Linda said…
Those look great!Night duty doesn't sound like fun!

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