gosh it's been a hectic fortnight

Wow how the time flies by, i can't believe how long it's been since 
i have had time to sit down
and write on my blog, for that fact to read your's

so i have a quick catch up for you, grab a cuppa this may take a while

before we sailed out Gadget and i had a few days in Sydney
being the snap happy photographer i am, I had a ball in Sydney

. . . Sydney has got the festive spirit  . . . 

this pub was just up the road from where we were staying, it was incredibly busy
 EVERY day of the week

(oh yeh it was called the Three Monkeys)

we found this amazing hotel, it is Sydney's oldest licensed pub
and the longest running brewery in Sydney

now don't think we spent all our time drinking we also did all the touristy things

we headed out onto the harbour
it was an amazing day for photo's and Gadget laughed at me as i frantically snapped away

on my previous post i mentioned we sailed out on the friday morning for a three day cruise
with our Coite friends 

well the cruise was amazing, 

i would love to say it was relaxing, but we stayed up laughing and chatting 
and drinking some yummy cocktails 
most nights and we were up early with things to do most days
 so i was pretty tired in the end

 we sailed back into Sydney in the wee early hours, so we got to
see the sun break over Sydney .....

it was amazing these are just a few of the hundreds of shots i took

unfortunately once we were back home we discovered that a great sadness was about to fall upon us
as we had to say farewell to gadget's gorgeous Nonna

so as you can see it has been a bit of a whirlwind fortnight

have i been sewing ...... yes but shhhh it's a secret

i posted my first ever SSCS last friday
and i have a feeling that the mailbox is going to be my favourite hang out in the weeks to come

and today i posted these gorgeous fabrics to Victoria 
 for a fun rainbow charm swap

well i guess that pretty much catches you all up

back soon with some sewing to show you

hope your hands are working on something that you love




glad you had a great time in Sydney and on the cruise..............sorry to hear about nonna........
glad your enjoying the SSCS.........maybe later in the week the sleigh will stop in or early next week.............
Susan said…
Looks like a great holiday, and great pics. Sorry about your sad news. Hope the lead up to Christmas is less hectic for you.
Cardygirl said…
A fun break for you...but some sadness too.
quilterliz said…
G'day. Great photos and by the sound of it you had a wonderful time in Sydney, though sad news about Nonna. Take care. Liz...
Fiona said…
So sad to hear about Nonna, special memories I am sure... such lovely pictures - I had to check some were not postcards!! My first SSCS too.. and we are both rainbowing.. it will be fun to see what we all make...
Allie said…
The pics are just fantastic, I think you're so brave to go on a cruise, lol....just the thought terrifies me...I'm so sorry to hear about Nonna....
Farm Girl said…
So sorry to hear your sad news. Your holiday pics are beautiful, and it's lovely to hear you had a great time.

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