Back together

I Just want to say a huge thanks for all the responses i got to my last post

Durlindana is back together

I steamed it so much, my face got a facial

then i starched it to within an inch of it's life
sewed a straight line for ? gathering, ? stabilising

as it turned out i didn't need to gather it
it went back together perfectly

Pinned ready to be re- attached

Layed out ready to be pinned
and yes i can see the wobbles in the boarders but i hadn't smoothed it out properly when i took the photo

let me tell you there was no wobbles in the borders when it was pinned
otherwise she would have been in a garbage bag in the Back of the wardrobe

Pinned ready to quilt

and i just had to show you my gorgeous tree, i planted this tree about 4 years ago and i just love it
i am pretty sure i put a photo up on the blog last Autumn too, but i just love the colours

and a close up for you all

so now to battle the nerves and actually sit down and free motion quilt . .  . .

hope your hands are working on something that you love




Fiona said…
great to see it has got fixed up well.. the tree is lovely.. great time of the year...
quilterliz said…
G'day. Your quilt looks lovely. You did a great job fixing it. Love the tree, beautiful colour. Take care. Liz...
Anne Lise said…
Your quilt looks great. Lovely colours and pattern. Good luck with the quilting.....
Lovely colour of your tree. We have to wait some months before we'll see such colours here (I hope) We have had summer for about 2 weeks, but it seems to be cold again now, at least in Norway. In Paris it is HOT.
I'm moving home to Norway within 3 weeks. So then it's no more Paris (Sad....)
looking for the quilting........
Anonymous said…
Looks great :)
Jenny said…
So glad you sorted the quilt. What sort of pins are you using to hold it together?...they look cool. Love the tree. I just love autumn colours.
Sandra :) said…
What a gorgeous quilt - I'm glad you were able to fix the stretchy bits - if you spray starch the heck out of the bias cuts before you stitch them it can help reduce stretching!

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