Coite's shenanigans part 2.....

so the sequel to Coite's shenanigans has been a while coming, but here it is........

Lounging Coite travelled to The easter camping trip with kidnapping Coite in the relative comfort of their new van

Since thieving Coite didn't arrive till much later that day, kidnapping Coite felt pretty relaxed and allowed Lounging M & M to wander the camp at will

here he got to meet Cheffrey a new addition to the Coite camp site

He checked out some of the four wheel drives, and wondered if we would take him for a bit of bush driving

kicked back and enjoyed the view of river and peaceful surrounds

but then he decided that he was tired of being social and he started to look for Thieving Coite's van
he looked in Tim's trailer

he discussed it with the Coke can who didn't have a clue

he checked out Nanny and Poppy's camp site, but could find no clue's as to how to find thieving Coite's van

in desperation he travelled to Mount George

he phoned home to check with his M & M brothers and they provided him with a detailed description of thieving Coite's trailer, and assured him that help was on the way

thieving Coite had organised for Commando M & M to come to camp to help avenge the kidnapping of Lounging Coite

Commando Coite launched his attack on kidnapping Coite and a battle of hilarious proportion ensued

after exhaustion from laughing and covered in too many bruises to count

Kidnapping Coite relinquished Lounging M & M

Lounging M & M celebrated with Thieving Coite with a mouthful or 4 of cask wine

celebrated being home amongst his family

and decided that he would hit the sack and stay far from view, just in case one of the other Coite's decided to take him for a visit.....

hope you enjoyed our little story




Fiona said…
I think the Coite's would keep me amused for ages... but I did not expect that giant M&M commando...
Great laugh...
Allie said…
Oh my gosh - Commando M&M - that's hysterical!!!!

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