The adventures of Peg and Dale - Newcastle

Two days ago a couple of very special friends arrived for a visit

yep Peg and Dale have arrived

and they have decided to take over my blog for a while

hi all , Peg and Dale here
"for all those that follow Googy girl,and don't know Peg and Dale this is the story so far
look Hereherehere and here

this is just a few links, if you google our names there are heaps more and there are 
heaps of images of us too "

wow Peg check out that harbour....

"did you know Dale, that on average 3000 ships enter this harbour every year. . . . . ."

Nobby's beach, "wow Dale want to go for a swim . . . . "

"hmm bit cold Peg"

Newcastle Beach
"let's sit and watch the surfers for a while"

"this park is really pretty Peg"

"it's called King Edward park and every year many Novacastrians spend time enjoying this area, they even have carol's by candlelight here every year"
"did you know that over 540 000 people live in Newcastle, hope they don't all come here at the same time"

"wow from here you can see the ocean, this is a great roost"

"hey Dale

lets go down that way and have a look"

"oh thats such a pretty garden, look the gardener is busy working on it"
Must be hard working with that view"

". . . . OHHHHH look at all the Jelly Rolls . . . .  "
"Googy girl (Trish) took us to her favourite patchwork shop
Onpoint in Waratah to meet Kath, the owner"

"Peg where are you going?"
"Dale look at all the Fabric . . . . "
                                          " it just keeps going and going"

"There is more over there . . . . " " Umm Kath can you 
cut me a metre or two from this one and just add it to my other fabrics . . ." 

"these books look interesting

i wonder if we can we get all this stuff shipped back home?"

"Gadget and Googy girl seem to be packing alot of stuff in their trailer

maybe they are going away?"
"are we here to babysit Cooper and Miss M?"

look at all that tea . . . 

Ohh air conditioning and running hot water, this is not roughing it 

Googy girl was saying  that this is her quilt she just finished

feels really comfy, hope it's warm too . . . .

Does anybody know where they are going?

a mystery trip ? ? ? ?

this looks like fun


Susan said…
Lovely to see you enjoying the Harbour in Newcastle, and having some retail therapy. Be careful, you might get packed away too, and who knows where you might end up!
You never know where you two will pop up!
I'm going to Newcastle tomorrow...leave some fabric for me!!
Fiona said…
Peg and Dale are having a great trip.... I'm enjoying reading about their antics...
I am totally speechless....
Oh Trish, looks like Dale and I have had the best time...I am close to my number two son...I wonder if he saw me...LOL
Lyn said…
That sounds like quite an adventure..a great tour of the area..
Lorraine said…
You girls really get around.....thanks for the tour!
Maree: said…
Glad you Girl's had a Nice time with Trish checking out Newcastle....and to see that you are Supporting the Shops along the way....looking forward to see where you are heading off too next.
wow the girls made it back to the east coast of Australia..........thanks Peg and Dale for the look around Newcastle.......
travel safe where ever you girls are off to now.......and I hope you didn't buy all the fabric in Newcastle.......

How funny I never thought to google Peg and Dale but if you do heaps of pics and links come up........LOL......
Salley said…
Chookyblue informed me, so, I have just googled you two googy eggs. . . . . Golly gosh you are famous. Two garrulous girls go galloping around the country. . . . love your advebtures.
Jenny said…
NIce work Peg and Dale hitch hiking around Aus. Nice tour of Newcastle. Have had one visit there and would like to go back someday.

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