the adventures of Peg and Dale in Tasmania

Hi everyone, I bet you thought we had just disappeared , well we haven’t we have been very very busy…….

Googy girl, gadget boy and Miss S took us across the Tasman sea . . . . . . . .

On this . . . . . . . .

The seas were very rough and we were very glad that Miss S took us into her bed and kept us company.

But we woke to a beautiful day in Tasmania

For the first week or so we stayed at Launceston we went to see so many things

We went to Cataract Gorge

Yep we did some modeling

And we got to ride across the gorge on a chair lift, it was a little nerve racking

We got to meet this young man, he was very strange when he met us he made some strange noises and his tail stood right up on end…….very strange

We go to visit some heritage homes

Here we are waiting at the gate

Clarendon House

We went for a very long drive and visited the Bridstowe lavender farm, unfortunately the lavender wasn’t out but it was a very interesting place and googy girl did lot’s of shopping

We then helped out with hooking up the van and headed to the east coast, whilst there we got to see lot’s of things we seen the bay of fires, some penguins, a blow hole. Unfortunately one day we had to stay at the van, because the family went out on a boat and they were a little concerned that we would blow away….it was ok though because we got to sleep in………

The bay of fires

We then packed up again and headed south, we spent two glorious days wandering around the port Arthur historic site, it was really interesting. We also got to see some Tasmanian devils…..they make the strangest sounds….like a cat having it’s tail pulled

This one seemed to be a little too interested in us

We are now in Hobart, today we went shopping at the Salamanca Markets, tomorrow we are heading to a museum… much to see and do.

If you would like to see what type of things we have been doing with the family just head over to

Sorry we haven’t been posting very frequently, and Googy girl said to say sorry she hasn’t been keeping up with visiting your blogs, but internet access has been a bit of a premium 

catch you soon


Peg and Dale thanks for sharing some of Googy girls holidays snaps............glad she is looking after your girls..........have fun.......
Fiona said…
It's lovely to hear and see what you are up to.... say hi to googy girl.... and have fun...
Susan said…
Looks like you're having fun!
Allie said…
Ok now you girls are having way too much fun, lol!!!
Lorraine said… girls look like you are having a ball in Tassie! Great place to visit! Colour me green!
Oh Dear!!!!....oh dear!!!!.....We had the best ever time....this was my first visit to Tasmania, Dale has been before....(This family is awesome...).....LOL....
Jenny said…
Looks like you guys are having a great time. I just love holidays with the caravan. We are trying out first one as well.
Linda said…
Looks like fun! I think the Tasmanian devils are so cute...they remind me of baby black bears!

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