Heading south

Guest bloggers . . . . .  Peg and Dale

"gadget said we were to ride in the back . . . doesn't look very comfortable in there!!!"

"hey Peg, this looks better"

"now this looks cosy"

"after that early start (they dragged us out of bed at 3am) i think i need a nanny nap Dale, i think i will just snuggle here with Miss S"

"this is the way to travel, love catching up on my "friends episodes" so glad Miss S brought her laptop along"

Holbrook NSW

491 kms south west of Sydney

"Wow Dale somebody parked a submarine in Holbrook !!! "

"it's pretty big Peg, i am sure they will remember that it is here"

"Thank goodness finally, Painters Island, Wangarratta.
our travels for today are over"

"this way Dale"

"Oh this bed looks comfy Peg, do you think Miss S will share?"

"hope so i really need a sleep. . . . ."

ohh   yawn yawn

heading to Bed girls 

catch you all tomorrow

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Fiona said…
Great post....
OMG they got into the car........travel safe girls........
Allie said…
ROFL - oh this is beyond cute!
Great travelling gals...I'm guessing you would've gone past me...I'm an hour and a half south of Holbrook (that's near Nowra isn't it)...You're very welcome Peg and Dale to call in for a cuppa on the way back!
SandyN said…
Hi Patricia...

I just wanted to say "thankyou" for my cute red fabric goodies.. I love them all...


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