a new book and a plea

I was very fortunate to receive this absolutely gorgeous book for Christmas from Miss M and her partner Just M

it s a different type of book than i usually read, 
it's a it of a Mystery, 
which i am usually not  very good at reading as 
i tend to get frustrated and skip to the last page to find out what happened
but i am determined to be good and just keep reading and let the story unfold
at the moment it has really got me intrigued

it's a lovely old fashioned looking book
i just love this inside cover, maybe because it looks like patchwork fabric

and it even comes with it's own  bookmark
which is just fabulous

sadly however i discovered that some how a page has been torn from the book

as Miss M and just M no longer have the receipt 
i am fairly certain that the book shop will not 
replace the book 
especially since i have starred reading it 
. . . . . 

so my plea is this if any of you
my lovely friends out in blogland 
have this book or know of someone who has it

could you possibly photocopy or scan pages 283 and 284
for me, as i just know that these pages will hold valuable clues to the story

i would really appreciate any help you could give me

Hope your hands are working on a project that you love



Susan said…
Oh how dreadful and frustrating. I'll email Michelle, I know she has that book.
If that doesn't work I have it. I have all her books but I haven't read this one yet.
Fiona said…
oh no... hope you get that sorted.... I haven't read Kate Morton but I hear they are good...
Lorraine said…
that happened to me a few years ago...I was happily reading and discovered there were missing pages..I raced down to the local bookshop and bought another copy (because I am impatient) - the book had been a gift and the receipt was long gone...I took it into the city some weeks later and the bookshop refunded the money as the book was faulty and they could return it to their supplier for a refund....hope you get to find out what is on those pages!
I have the book on my e-reader...so that is no help at all....did you get the pages...
Lyn said…
That would be really annoying ..hope you have managed to get the missing pages..
Susan said…
I have the book - let me know if you still need it
Jan said…
I loved that book - have you tried your local library for a copy?

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