Caring with Chooky

I now know i am certifiably insane, 
i have decided to try and pull together a quilt for 

i went out looking for a jelly roll, i did nt find one that appealed so i created my own
lot's of bright happy fabrics

stage one cut out and ready to go

starting to come together

stage one completed

i am enjoying making this quilt, the fabrics are so bright compared with 
the reproductions
 i have been working with recently

so with a 35 day deadline
full time shift work
and a set of night duty in the middle 
i some how need to get 
this quilt completed ready to take to 

wish me luck

i hope your hands are working on a project that you love



because you "Care" I know you will get it done..........keep the quilting simple..........we can help you bind at GDITC........
Susan said…
Insanely......generous and caring. I know you can get it done, and I will help with the binding too.
Fiona said…
HOw great.... and it is looking so pretty already....
Anita said…
Can't wait to see it finished - nothing like a deadline to get things done!
jfoster8 said…
Do you need help with the quilting? glad to help
Cheryl said…
It's going to be wonderful!!!!!
Anonymous said…
Looking great , it will be wonderful to see it in Nundle
La Pecora Nera said…
Hi, good luck from Italy:-)
Greetings, Emanuela

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