Giverny the Luxembourg gardens and a river cruise

We did a bus tour from the city to the cute little village of Giverny, to see Monet's garden.
We were a little concerned that the garden would not be very good, as it is so early in spring, but it was magnificent.

Filled with tulips, daffodils and all sorts of beautiful flowers.

The trees were in bloom

The water lily garden was bordered in beautiful, flowered gardens.

Someone in Monets family enjoyed a little sewing, gadget was very quick to point out that the sewing room was only small.  He declared " see you don't need a large sewing room".....

When we returned to Paris , we grabbed a sandwich and headed to the Luxemburg gardens, where we sat and watched children playing with their boats in pond.  It was so lovely and relaxing to just sit in the sun. This is something that Parisienne's seem to really get, the gardens ( and there are areas large and small spread out throughout the city) are always filled with people relaxing and enjoying the sun.

For dinner we did a river cruise, which was amazing. The food was amazing and it was so lovely to cruise down the river watching as the lights of Paris came on, listening to lovely music.  It was very romantic and we got to see the Eiffel Tower sparkle. Which it only does for 5mins every hour.
It was a lovely way to draw our visit to Paris to an end.

Au Revoir

Googy girl 


Anita said…
Meets garden looks lovely! We went to Luxemburg gardens on a Sunday and it was packed with Parisiennes relaxing and soaking up the sun!
Jan said…
Ah, Monet's garden - isn't it gorgeous! Love Luxembourg Gardens too and look forward to seeing more public gardens in the city in 2 weeks' time. Which company did you choose for your dinner cruise, Trish? That's what I'd like to do on our first night in Paris. So - where to next for you? Keep travelling happily 🌹
Sigh....Monet's Garden...just fabulous! As is the sparkling Eiffel Tower! Have thoroughly enjoyed your time in PARIS! Thanks for the wonderful posts!

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