Louvre, last day in Paris

So we saved the wonderful Louvre  museum for our last day, and decided that due to its size we would do a guided tour. Which was fabulous. We have done quite a few tours in Paris so if you are heading to Paris please don't hesitate to contact me, I am more than happy to let you know whom we choose.

He view looking up through the glass pyramid.  The glass pyramid was built in the 80s and during this time they created new entrances to each of the three wings.  When the louvre was first built many many centuries ago it was built as a fortress, with walls of stone to resist invasion. 

When  doing the excavations they unearthed the original stone walls.  I have to say as we followed our guide, it felt like the louvre was a bit of a maze, but I m sure if you studied the map it would be quite easy to get around. We seen some Egyptian artefacts, somer Oman copies of Greek statues. D many many paintings.

Of course we seen the Venus de Milo.

And winged victory of Samothrace. Which is a statue of the Greek goddess Nike. This statue is truely beautiful. When you look at the marble, and the way it is carved so that the gown looks wet and see through is amazing.

Of course we seen the Mona Lisa. Which is now hidden behind bullet proof glass. How sad that we live in a world where people want to destroy a peice of art work.  

After the louvre we wandered back towards our little French apartment.   On the way we stopped off at a creperie for some lunch.  This lovely lady made our Gallettes ( savoury crepes are made from a different type of flour and are called a Gallette )   I had a yummy goats cheese and tomato gallette and gadget had a ham and cheese gallette, we then wandered to a little Park where we enjoyed a little sun and seen the oldest tree in Paris.

We found Shakespeare and company, which is the best bookshop I have seen in a long time. I had been on the look out for this store for quite. A few days and was amazed that I had walked past it several times, so after a little retail therapy . . . We headed home to start packing up. 

We spent a lovely last evening having a few drinks in our local Cafe Delmas, dinner at a local small cafe and early to bed.

The louvre was an amazing experience, made greater by having someone explain theomms. And art work.  We have had a lovely 12 days in Paris, but now onto the next adventure. . . . .

Au Revoir

Googy girl 


Love your Adventure in PARIS Trish! We didn't get to see the inside of The Louvre! I think the Gallette is made out of Buckwheat Flour which makes it Gluten Free for me. They are doing them here in some places but the one I went to made it out of Plain Flour. There is a French Cafe in Canberra making them traditionally and they are yummy....so if you are ever down that way let me know and we could relive PARIS lol.
PS Shakespeare book shop was awesome...I bought a book there too and their lucky dip!
Anita said…
Sad but what a great time you've had. Are you heading home now or on to somewhere else in France?
Anita said…
I have to laugh at Dzintra and me commenting on all your posts....lol....we are reliving our holidays through you!!

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